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Flamenco Show for groups

Group discount for 10 people and more

In the Palacio del Flamenco you can experience an elaborate stage show with highclass Flamenco dancers, musicians and singers. The actors on the stage show the fine art of the flamenco dance: the interplay of feelings, the actors' discussion among each other. Dinner is served in the glamorous atmosphere of the venerable theatre.
Perfect for groups of 10 people and more.


The Palacio del Flamenco is located in a venerable theatre from 1920. Show dance of a high level is presented, the dancers show the fine art of the Flamenco, accompanied by live musicians and singers.
Different aspects of the flamenco are presented, slow and fast, but always expressional.
You can book dinner with the show, the food is really delicious and is served by observant waiters.

The performance in the Palacio del Flamenco

There's three shows offered daily:

  • Grand Show at 18:40 until 20:15: The food is served before the approx. 60 minute long show.
  • Mini Show at 20:30 until 21:10: The show is about 35 minutes long, the food is served meanwhile. There are less dishes available.
  • Grand Show at 21:40 until 23:40. There's more time for eating and talking. The show is about 60 minutes also.

The events without dinner (Drink & Show) start later (18.25, 20.15 und 22.30).

Pricing and Menu of the show

The two shows are about 60 minutes long and dinner is served before they start.

  • Drink & show: 39,00 € the show with a drink
  • Menu special & show: 49,00 € Paella and salad, dessert cream puffs with chocolate, drink
  • Menu special VEGETARIAN & show: 49,00 € vegetarian Paella and salad, dessert cream puffs with chocolate, drink
  • Tapas menu 1 & show: 55,00 € 
  • Tapas menu 2 & show: 65,00 €. Menu Tapas 1, sea mussels, boiled cockles, sautéed shrimp with garlic, wine
  • Tapas menu 3 & show: 75,00 €  Menu Tapas 2, salmon with lime sirloin steak, selection of cheese, wine, cava
  • Menu Pollo & show: 55,00 € Chicken with vegetables, mushrooms and salad, dessert cream puffs with chocolate, Rioja red wine
  • Menu salmon & show: 55,00 € Salmon with vegetables, mushrooms and salad, dessert cream puffs with chocolate, Rioja red wine
  • Menu Miró & show: 59,00 € salad and cream cheese, chicken with vegetables and mushrooms, dessert cream puffs with chocolate, Rioja red wine
  • Menu Dalí & show: 59,00 € Vegetable soup, steak with roasted potatoes, dessert cream puffs with chocolate, Rioja red wine
  • Menu Barcelona & show: 59,00 € pasta with king prawns, glacéed duck with wine, dessert cream puffs with chocolate, Rioja red wine
  • Menu Gaudí & show: 71,00 € Paella, Entecrot, dessert cream puffs with chocolate, Rioja red wine, cava
  • Water is served with all dishes

How to get to the Palacio del Flamenco

The Palacio del Flamenco is located in Eixample in the c/ Balmes, 139 and its within easy reach with public transportation and by foot. You will get detailed directions with your booking confirmation.

Booking and cancellation policies

The booking is really easy: enter the desired show and the number of people, that you would like to book for on the right side, select the date and click on "add to cart".

Cancellation policies

  • Cancellation for free up to 4 days before the event. NO cancellation or handling fees. You will receive a full refund.
  • In case of a later cancellation or no show of the booked event there won't be a refund.
  • You can cancel really easy via e-mail with a statement of your booking code

Book here the Flamenco Show for groups

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Drink & Flamenco Show 34.00€
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Tapas Menu 1 & Flamenco Show 55.00€
Tapas Menu 2 & Flamenco Show 65.00€
Tapas Menu 3 & Flamenco Show 75.00€
Menu Chicken & Flamenco Show 55.00€
Menu Salmon & Flamenco Show 55.00€
Menu Miró & Flamenco Show 59.00€
Menu Dalí & Flamenco Show 59.00€
Menu Barcelona & Flamenco Show 59.00€
Menu Gaudí & Flamenco Show 71.00€

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Our partner: BELTXENEA Catering, S. A. (Palacio del Flamenco), 08008 Barcelona, C/Balmes, 139

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