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General Conditions of Carriage

This much „small print“ is necessary: the general Conditions of Carriage from Tourist Info, represented by Andreas Müller, Loewenstr. 2a, 76199 Karlsruhe:

Billing and payment

  • After booking you will receive a prepayment invoice via e-mail. Please transfer the money to the account stated within 10 days, latest three working days (for rides with a taxi or van) or five working days (for bus rides) before the planned sightseeing tour or the transfer.
  • After the payment receipt you will receive a booking confirmation via e-mail, in which the date is confirmed. Please consider a processing time of two working days.

Payment and cancellation

  • The amount invoiced has to arrive free of expense at our (German) account within three working days (for rides with a taxi or van) or five working days (for bus rides) before the planned sightseeing tour or the transfer. In case of a schedule conflict we will contact you to arrange a postponement with you.
  • Free cancellations are possible up to three days (for rides with a taxi or van) and five days (for bus rides) before the confirmed date. You will receive your money back or the amount will be cleared with an alternative tour date. A refund is not possible in case of a later cancellation or a no show at the arranged meeting place.
  • The prices include all taxes. Surcharges, such as for night rides or luggage won’t be levied.
  • Admission to sights are not included in the price.

Vehicles, number of people, luggage

  • Up to four people fit in a taxi, up to six people in a van, up to 21 people in a mini bus and up to 54 people fit in a travel bus.
  • In a taxi there’s space for three big suitcases, in a van you can fit up to six suitcases. You may take one hand luggage per person (size comparable to the restrictions of the airline).
  • On the busses luggage compartments and shelves are available.
  • All passengers must be buckled up at all times and everybody are responsible for themselves to do so.
  • For reasons of safety standing and walking around in the centre aisle is not allowed. For this every passenger carries responsibility for himself/herself.
  • You can exit the bus at your convenience whenever you would like to take a closer look at sights.
  • In Spain smoking is prohibited on taxis and on busses. Hovewer the driver will stop to take a break if you would like to.
  • The passengers have to act in a way where no pollutions or damage is caused. Should damages or pollutions beyond the normal wearing off occur, the costs to remove the damages will be brought to account to the affiliate. A possibly valid indemnity (such as for breakdown of a bus) still pertains.

Sightseeing tour, date, delay

  • The driver/ guide is available for you for the booked time. Splitting the time up is not possible. Exiting the vehicle e.g. to look at sights, as well as the time passing while entering the bus and loading the luggage counts as tour time.
  • The booked time starts at the arranged time. If the passenger does not appear at the agreed time, the driver will wait for up to 15 minutes. An obligation to carry about the whereabout of the customer does not apply to the driver.
  • Should the driver be late he will inform the passenger via phone about the delay if the cell pone number was stated during booking. Then the tour time will of course start when the driver arrives.

Private transfer, date, delay

  • The driver will drive you on the fastest or in terms of traffic convenient route to the agreed destination. A right to demand a certain route does not exist.
  • The driver will wait for 40 minutes after the scheduled arrival of the ship. If the passenger will be delayed for more than 40 minutes, a longer waiting time can be arranged via phone for a fee of 27 € per half an hour or part thereof. This fee will be payed directly at the driver. If a delay of the arriving time is announced on time, the fee will not apply.
  • A liability on the part of the carrying company in case of a delay does not occur.
  • An English speaking driver/guide won’t be on the vehicle in case of a departure-transfer with a mini bus or travel bus.

Carriage, insurance, stopover

  • An obligation to carry does not occur. Should the driver reject the carriage for reasons concerning the passenger (e.g. a drunken passenger), a refund won’t be possible. If the continuation of the trip is rejected by the driver after departure, a refund won’t take place either. A reimbursement of expenses, such as metro ticket to the hotel, is excluded.
  • You are insured according to the automobile insurance. A further insurance does not exist.
  • A liability will only be taken over up to the agreed and the payed recompense (e.g. after accident). Claims towards the insurance of the vehicle remain unaffected by this.
  • Should the trip be cancelled ahead of schedule for reasons that the driver is not responsible for, a refund won’t take place.

Other provisions

  • Data protection: the information provided by you, including e-mail address and phone number, will only be used for the completion of your sightseeing tour. A disclosure to third parties won’t happen by any means.
  • If some clauses of these Conditions of Carriage are invalid, a clause with take place that comes the purpose the closest. Subsidiary agreements do not apply, those would require a written form.
  • Place of jurisdiction is Barcelona