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Free or reduced admissions to the attractions

Discounts for pensioners, children, students and people with disabilities

In almost all the facilities there are a significantly reduced price for pensioners, students, and people with disabilities. To receive the discount the appropriate ID is always required. It is helpful to have an international version of the ID, so that you can at least read in english what the discount claim is for.
Some even give a special discount for families or groups to enter museums and other attractions. 

Necessary companions for disabled people occasionally get a discount or are even allowed to enter for free.

For further information, please see the respective descriptions of the attractions and sights.

Free entry to museums and other attractions

Many museums offer free admission on one day a month. It is also admission free on the 18th of May (International Day of the museum) and on the 24 September (La Mercè, day of the patron of Barcelona).
However the museums are very full on those days. For details, please look at the museum site.

Discount tickets for the sights of Barcelona

The best known and most frequently used city card is the Barcelona Card. With this card, you get reduced and free admission to over 80 museums and other attractions. In addition, it offers unlimited use of city buses and the subway.

The Barcelona Card is worth it for you if you would like to visit quite a lot of attractions within a short time and you don't want to worry about admission fees and public transportation fees. i If you only want to visit 1-2 sights and don't want to use the public transportation as much, then it would probably not be worth it for you.

The Barcelona Card is available for 2-5 days and has a discounted price for children.

On our booking page for the Barcelona Card, we gathered more details such as pricing. You can also book the card there.

Tickets Camp Nou Experience:

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The gift voucher:

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