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The towers of the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

On 30 November 1925, the St. Barnabas Tower was completed, the first tower on the left side of the Facade of the Birth. It was the only tower, whose completion Gaudí experienced.

The towers are as impressive from the inside as from the outside. To climb them you can use the stairs or an elevator. In the lower part of the towers, a spiral staircase leads to the top. They barely have any railings, because they are very steep. The stairs eye is very small.

If you arrived on top of the fourth part of the tower, you can go from one tower to another, whereby a kind of labyrinth in height originates.

In the upper part the bell is supposed to be hung up. In the inside there are overlapping galleries. This is where some of the faithful will follow the show.

The architect Antoni Gaudí

Barcelona's famous Art Nouveau architect, Antoni Gaudí, worked at the Sagrada Familia until his death.

Antoni Gaudí

In the following years after Gaudi's death his successor, the architect Sugrañes, finished the other three towers. Later, the construction of the almost identical four towers of the Facade of the Passion started. Their completion was in 1977. It will take a while until the towers of the Facade of the Blessed are completed, because they are much higher than the previously completed ones.

The bell towers are dedicated to the twelve apostles, especially the four oldest ones of which the outer ones are 94 metres and the inner onse 107 meters high. They bear the name and the respective on a pedestal seated figures of the apostles.

Important information

Mallorca, 401

Metro: Sagrada Familia (L2, L5)
Bus Turístic: Sagrada Familia

Opening times
November-February: 9.00-18.00
March: 9.00-19.00
April-September: 9.00-20.00
Oktober: 9.00-19.00
25 and 26 December,
1 and 6 January: 9.00-14.00
There are sometimes long queues at the checkout.

Admission: €15.00
Audioguide: €7.00
Children up to 10 years: free admission
Students: €1300
Seniors 65 years: €11.00
Disabled (65%): free admission (+1 accompanying person)
Lift ride + Audio guide: €14.50
Guided tour including admission: from 34.00 €
With the ticket you can view Gaudí's workshop next to the building of the Museum of the Sagrada Familia.

Tips for visiting the Sagrada Familia

For a visit you should plan at least 1-1.5 hours. The Sagrada Familia is the most visited monument in Spain. Therefore we recommend to book the tickets in advance. Or you book a guided visit of the Sagrada Familia without waiting in a queus.

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