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Fun for the whole family - 2 days

2-day tour, fun for the whole family

This 2-days sightseeing tour is a lot of fun, especially for families. On the first day, bus or subway are hardly used, since almost everything is reachable on foot. On the second day, you will take the subway a couple of times.

The first day is devoted to the Rambla, the Old Town, the port and the Montjuïc. 
The Eixample district and Gràcia with buildings of Gaudí and the beautiful Parc Güell are on the schedule of the second day.

The proposed sightseeing tour is quite extensive. Depending the stamina and interests of your children, you can simply omit one some of the sight. Since, expecially on the first day, it includes many walks, we give you advice for short cuts.

The first day through Barcelona the whole family

You start at the Plaça Catalunya. This square is not a special attraction, but it is the centre of Barcelona and you will come across it a lot during your stay. Especially young children have a lot of fun, feading the pigeons there.

Starting at the Plaça Catalunya, follow the Ramblas in the direction of the sea. In the upper part, there are many marketeers who sell animals, especially little birds. There's florits also. Maybe not in the very early morning hours, but you will always encounter the living statues. Imaginatively dressed and masked, standing on small columns. Put some change into the box and the statue will move quickly. Always fun for children.

Towards the end of the Rambla - you can see the Columbus statue ahead of you - in height of the subway Drassanes, you turn left into a small alley. Here resides the Museum of waxworks. It is not known as well as Madamme Tussauds in London, but has its own charm. From the Museum of waxworks can go directly to the Café "Bosc de la Fades", in english „Magic Forest“. It is decorated with dwarves, mermaids and fountains. If you have not eaten yet, good opportunity to do it here.

Back on the Rambla on your right-hand side, you can see the Museu Marítim, an in the former shipyard accommodated maritime museum. You can learn about the history of seafaring of all epochs. The dazzling highlight is a replica of the original Rowing galley from the year 1571. The storm simulation on the ship will delight children. The Museu Marítim has a nice café if you would like to take a break.

Now , we continue towards the sea. You will see the about 60 metres high Columbus monument. It is possible to go up to the observation deck. That is quite nice, but not necessary, since the tour offers a few other great views.

Cross the Rambla de Mar to the Maremagnum. Depending on wether you are already hungry, you can eat here or you wait after you visited the next attraction. There are a few restaurants in the Maremagnum, where you can eat quite well. For the small hunger, there is the Pans & Company - Fast food with typical Spanish baguettes.

A must see is the Aquàrium, one of the largest aquariums in Europe. The Auqàrium is only a few metres from the Maremagum. It has a special focus on the interests of children. The highlight is the glass tunnel through the shark tank. Not only sharks, but many other marine creatures, such as rays, can be amdired closely.

Now, you have two possibilities to continue. If your kids like the sea and beach experience, choose the first option, if not, then go for the second variant. At the Font Màgica, the two alternative routes meet.

1st route: sea and beach: from the Aquàrium you head to the town, passing the IMAX cinema, keep right while walking dockside. When you return to the level of the Aquàrium, turn left and walk directly to the sea through the Barceloneta district. Barceloneta, a former fishermen's quarter, offers execellent - but also very gruesome – food. Take a look at the restaurants in Barceloneta and choose one you like. Fish is popular.

Now, leave the beach and go to the terminal stop of the funicular „St. Sebastian“. Take it to the Montjuïc.

2nd route: Directly to Montjuïc: Go a short distance back towards the Columbus column, to the left of the harbour wall to the middle station „Jaume I.“, the funicular. They take you directly onto the Montjuïc. Now you can climb up the "mountain" or take the funicular from the Plaça de Sardanes. Here, you will experience a very impressive sight. Go to the MNAC (M useu National d'Art de Catalunya), one of the most famous art museums. On your way you will pass the Picasso Museum.

Lucky you if your children are inspired by contemporary art, otherwise just pass the Picasso Museum and the MNAC towards the Poble Espanyol. This is a special open-air museum. The village consists of buildings from all regions of Spain. In the houses, there are traditional crafts shown, such as glassblowing. A couple of good restaurants provide you with excellent meals.

Go now to the last station (ths is where the two route options meet), the Plaça Espanya, by passing the MNAC and the exhibition. You should be there no later than 21:30. Every half an hour, the Font Màgica starts to sprinkle to the sound of music and color.

By now, the children will be tired. At the metro station of the Plaça Espanya, you can take a train which brings you back to your hotel.

When the children are asleep, we suggest seeing the Gothic quarter. Especially at night, when the cathedral is illuminated from the outside, it is a very beautiful place.

Possible shortcuts
On the first day, the whole route has a distance of 6,7-7,7 kilometres, depending on which route variant you choose.

  • From the Plaça Catalunya, you can use the subway L3 directly to the Columbus Memorial Drive (Drassanes station). Therefore, you skip the Ramblas. You save about one kilometre.
  • The alternative route 2 is 1 kilometre shorter than the route over the beach. Howeve, you miss out the beach.
  • Instead of the funicular, use the underground from the station Drassanes to the Plaça Espanya. From there it is a short walk to the Poble Espanyol. But, you will have to abstain from the funicular and the Montjuïc. Therefore, you save around 3 kilometres.

The second day of our city tour for the family

It starts at the Plaça Catalunya. From there, take Line 4, towards "Canyelles" and get off at  "Passeig de Gracia". You will see the Casa Batlló, one of the most famous works of the architect Antoni Gaudí. The inside of the building might not be interesting for children, but show your children the roof. What does it look like?

Across from the Casa Batlló, there is another artwork from Antoni Gaudí, the Casa Milà, which is definitely worth a seeing. In particular, the roof inspire your children's imagination.

You can now return to the metro, take it to the station "Sagrada Familia" and get off here. The Sagrada Familia, is probably the most famous work of Gaudí and THE landmark of Barcelona. The church is being built since 1882 and will be completed in 2026. The construction is financed by donations and admission money. You should not miss to climb up of one of the towers.

Take the metro once again. Get off at the station Lesseps (line 3). It's approximately a 10 minute walk to the Parc Güell, also designed by Gaudí. Just enjoy the park and whilst taking a walk, or a break.

If the park is too boring for your  children, it is comforting to know that soon you will be on the way to the Tibidabo, Barcelona's very own mountain, and it's amusement park. Go there by metro (line 7) to the last stop „Av. Del Tibidabo“. The tour goes on with a famous unicum: the Tramvia Blau, the blue tram.
At the terminal stop, the rack railway brings you to to the summit. In the Parce d´Atraccions, the Museum of Vending Mashines will be interesting for your children. Your can also go to the television tower and go to the top. From above, you look through the glass ground into the profundity. On a clear day, one has a fantastic view until well into the back-country.
The museum for vending machines in the Parque d'Atraccions is interesting for your children. You can also go to the TV tower. A glass floor makes it bossible to look down to the ground. There's a wonderful view on a clear day until well into the hinterland.

Overall, you walk about three kilometres this day.

Now you are certainly hungry. Descend the mountain. The Gràcia district is a great place to have the finest food.
Our tip: People who bought the Barcelona Card have reduced admission for some of the here presented sights and can use the public transport for free.