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Delivery times for shipments by post or parcel service

We ship all "Post" bookings that are received up until 15.00 (3:00 pm, (Central European Time CET) on the same day, Monday to Friday. When booking with the "Email" shipping method, the voucher will be sent immediately.
Bookings before 15.00 (3:00 pm) are sent on the following business day.

Please note that we have no control over the shipping transit times. The figures are therefore only approximate and provided without guarantee. We ship to all EU countries, Switzerland and countries on the list below. We only ship parcels and packages to EU countries and Switzerland, letters in all countries of the list below.

Delivery times

The specification of days refer to the date of deposit. Days are working days (Monday to Friday).

Austria Austria: 2-3 days

Belgium Belgium: 2-3 days

Canada (Cities Montreal, Toronto,Vancouver) Canada (Cities Montreal, Toronto,Vancouver): 3-6 days

Catalonya Catalonya: 2-4 days

Cyprus Cyprus: 3-6 days

Czechia Czechia: 2-3 days

Denmark Denmark: 2-3 days

German Germany: 1-2 days

Finland Finland: 2-3 days

France France: 2-3 days

Great Britain Great Britain: 2-4 days

Greece Greece: 2-5 days

Hungary Hungary: 2-4 days

Ireland Ireland: 2-4 days

Island Island: 2-5 days

Israel Israel: 3-6 days

Italy Italy: 2-4 days

Luxembourg Luxembourg: 2-3 days

Malta Malta: 2-4 days

Nederland Nederland: 2-3 days

Norway Norway: 2-3 days

Poland Poland: 2-4 days

Portugal Portugal: 2-4 days

Romania Romania: 2-6 days

Spain Spain: 2-4 days

Sweden Sweden: 2-3 days

Slovenia Slovenia: 2-3 days

Slowakia Slowakia: 2-4 days

Switzerland Switzerland: 2-3 days

Turkey Turkey: 4-8 days

USA USA (Cities Chicago, Loas Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco): 3-5 days

Source: Deutsche Post, UNEX Study

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