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Souvenirs and gifts

A few tips for souvenirs or small presents

Here we have a few ideas for you, what you can purchase in Barcelona as a souvenir or as a gift for back home.

  • Turron (almond with nougat): a typical speciality.
  • Wine, olive oil, pickled fish and ham can be found in many fine food shops but the supermarkets are usually cheaper.
  • Football fans can dig in the FC Barcelona store (Camp Nou).
  • Many museums have very good and not expensive shops.
  • Many souvenir shops also offer hand made ceramics.
  • In the Old Twon district, you can find many chain stores called "Vaho Trashion". They offer bags made out of wallpapers that used to be hanging all over Barcelona. High quality purses and sports bags, of course from Barcelona.

Barcelona is a shopping city. You will for sure find something suitable in one of the many shopping districts of Barcelona.

The products sold by merchants on the street for sure aren't high quality brand-name products. Additionaly you become guilty of an offence by bying those products.