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Beautiful beaches and winding alleys

Sitges is a small town with 25,000 inhabitants, about 35 miles southwest of Barcelona. Sitges is located between the nature reserve Parc National del Garraf in the north and the town of Vilanova i la Geltru in the south of the Costa Dorado.

In addition to culture, beach and sun there is nothing to be desired particularly about partying and going out in Sitges.
Several sand beaches and the good water quality in Sitges invite bathing. Many of the winding alleys of the old town are lined with bars, cafes and restaurants.

Getting to Sitges

From Barcelona to Sitges
The fastest and easiest way to come from Barcelona to Sitges, is from the Barcelona main train station Sants. The train goes goes every 20 minutes. The timetable can be found at the website of RENFE. The trip takes about 30 minutes, the station is about 500 metres away from the beach.

From the airport El Prat de Llobregat
If you would like to travel to Sitges, the arrival of the international airport Barcelona "El Prat" is certainly the easiest way. From the airport you have to change only once, in order to go to Sitges. Tickets are available at ticket machines in the station building.
If you booked a hired car and picked it up at the airport, proceed to the C-32 to Sitges. You have to pay tolls at this highway. You can also use the much nicer coastal road C-31. The journey takes about 30-40 minutes.

Transfers from the airport Girona and Reus
To go to Sitges from the airports Reus or Girona, travel to the main station of Barcelona Sants and then continue as above. From Sants to Sitges you don't need to switch.

Arrival by car 
Sitges can be reached by car from Barcelona in about 40 minutes. It is worth while to take the C-31 instead of the Highway C-32. The C-31 is the nice and small costal road B-10 (from the Plaça del Portal de la Pau (Columbus statue), towards the south of the coastal road along B10). 
From Barcelona the C-32 highway leads to Sitges. This way is with a travel time of about 30 minutes faster, but you have to pay toll and it is not as beautiful.

Weather and climate in Sitges

Thanks to its location on the Mediterranean the climate in Sitges is a fairly equated. The summers are moderate and the winters are mild. The mountain range Massif Garraf protects Sitges against the cold winter winds from the north.

Sightseeing in Sitges

In particular, the flat sandy beaches with the fine sand and clean water attract tourists from all parts of Europe.
The beach is adjoined by the with palm trees bordered waterfront promenade, which leads from the rocky cliffs in the east to the golf course in the west.
In the narrow and winding streets, there are countless bars, restaurants and small shops.
Beautiful at the bank building is that no high-rise buildings and apartment blocks are to be found. Many of rich Barceloner, who built their art nuveau-vilas close to shore prevented that there's high-rise buildings. Outstanding are the on a rock built churches of Sant Bartholomew and Santa Tekla. 
Although Sitges is primarily a seaside resort, you can nevertheless find three featured museums: Museu Cau Ferrat, Museu Maricel and the Museu Romantic.

The "gay Sitges"

Sitges was and is an artist's stronghold. So, a liberal climate established with the background of a liberal Spanish legislation. Thus, for example the same-sex marriage is equivalent of heterosexual marriage. Even at the time of Franco a certain liberalism was retained.
A gay bar and gay club scene, which is known wide beyond the borders of Catalonia, has etablished in Sitges.
Famous for this scene is particularly the lesbian-gay and very shrill carnival (see below) in Sitges.

Events and activities in Sitges

In February / March, the shrill gay and lesbian carnival parade with over 2,000 participants. The parades, which take place here, are worth seeing. 
2008: 31.01.-6.2., 2009: 19.2.-25.2.

Vintage car rally
On the first Sunday in March, the vintage car rally takes place. Cars, built from 1900-1924 which are now in private hands, are allowed to take part.. The rally runs from Barcelona to Sitges. The winner is not the fastest driver, but the most originally and best maintained car and driver with the most original clothing.

Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia
The International Film Festival of Sitges is regarded as the most important film festival for fantasy films worldwide. It takes place annually in October since 1968. Among the best-known films, which were shown here, is "Kill Bill". Several awards are selected by an international jury.

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