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Tour proposals

Make the best use of your time with the tour proposals

Here we present tours through Barcelona. No matter whether you're in Barcelona for 1, 2, 3 or more days, with these tours you will make the best use of your time to learn about Barcelona.

In our tested tour-proposals we describe the route in detail so that only a simple city map, like the one included in the Barcelona Card, is enough.

Tour around the Ramblas - 1 day

Tour around the Ramblas - 1 day

During this tour around the Ramblas you will stroll along the most famous boulevard in Barcelona. During this one day tour you will see the sights of the old town district Barrí Gòtic (gothic quarter), Raval and the port. You can let the day end while dining in one of the restaurants in the district Barceloneta.

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Tour proposal through the Gothic Quarter (Barrí Gòtic) - 2 days

Gothic district tour (Barrí Gòtic) - 2 days

In two days you will learn about the historical city centre and the history of Barcelona. With its narrow and winding streets, small shops and cafes and bars, the Barrí Gòtic has a special atmosphere.

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Tour proposal for travellers with a low budget - 2 days

Low budget - 2 days

You don't need a bulging wallet and a golden credit card to visit Barcelona and its sights. Many of the top sights have free entry or only a little entry free. We put together a tour of the special kind, where your wallet won't be charged through high entry fees and where maybe one or two euros are left for shopping.

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Tour proposal Montjuïc - 1 day

Tour Montjuïc - 1 day with a lot of fresh air, movement and a beautiful view

During this one day tour you will get to know the at the ocean and the harbour situated mountain Montjuïc. You will enjoy a terrific view, you will visit the olympic sports facilities and at the end of the day you will have walked almost 10 kilometres.

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Tour proposal through the maritime Barcelona - 1 day

The maritime Barcelona - 1 day

Barcelona has opened up a lot towards the ocean in the past decade. During this tour you will get to know the maritime side of Barcelona. This tour starts at the maritime museum and ends with a deliciuous dinner in the district Barceloneta.

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Tips for your sightseeing programme!

Vary the tours
Of course you can add or skip sights of a tour, if they aren't as interesting to you or they overlap with another tour. Or you just travel to Barcelona again. There's for sure enough to experience and discover.

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