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Hola BCN! Multi Day Ticket for Public Transport

Book Free Use of Metro, Tram, Busses and the Funicular

Multi-day tickets for public transport in Barcelona: With the Hola BCN! Ticket, you can use public transport for 3, 4 or 5 days (24 hours a day) throughout Barcelona. The Hola BCN! includes the metro, tram, local busses (TMB), local trains (FGC) and regional trains (Rodalies). You can also get from the airport to the city and back with the Hola BCN! Shipping by e-mail (voucher) and post.

Included benefits

  • The Hola BCN! is valid for the entire city area of Barcelona and to the airport (zone 1)
  • Valid for metro, busses (TMB), tram, commuter trains (FGC), regional trains (Rodalies)
  • Free trainride and ride with the bus 46 from the airport El Prat de Llobregat to the inner city and back
  • Not valid for the NitBus and Bus Turístic
  • A metro plan is included if you choose shipping via post

Benefits of the Barcelona Card

You don't need to think about tickets anymore: the Hola BCN! includes trips with the metro, public busses (TMB), commuter trains (FGC), trams and regional trains (Rodalies). You can use the ticket for the Radalies and the bus 46 to get from the airport to Barcelona and back as well.

Using the Hola BCN! Ticket Is Simple

The multi-day ticket for public transport is valid from the first use of the specified number of hours (2 days for 48 hours, 3 days for 72 hours, 4 days for 96 hours and the 5 days for 120 hours).

On the buses and trams, just put the ticket in the validator. To get into the metro you have to put the Hola BCN in the access control. At the vending machine you will see a green arrow pointing to the entrance through which you must go. Often you go in on the wrong side. Note that the ticket comes out at the top of the ticket machine.

When Is the Hola BCN! Ticket Worth Buying?

  • The 2-day Hola BCN! (48 h) costs 15,00 €, so only 7,50 € per day, the 5-day ticket (120 h) per day only 7,00 €. A single ticket costs 2.20 €, a ticket to the airport 4.60 €. So the Hola BCN ticket is worth it really fast.
  • The Hola BCN! is comfortable: it is valid for 48-120 hours. You do not have to worry about tickets during this time period, no matter how many times you drive. Also from / to the airport you do not need extra airport tickets.
  • The Hola BCN! is cheaper: already after a few trips it has already paid off compared to the single tickets. You will not need the more expensive airport ticket for the metro and the train either.
  • The Hola BCN! covers the entire city area: you can use the transport network in zone 1. This will bring you to all the sights in Barcelona and to the airport.

Barcelona Card compared to the Hola BCN! ticket

  • The Hola BCN! ticket is included in the Barcelona Card.
  • With the free admissions with skip the line, included in the Barcelona Card, you save a lot of time.
  • The extra charge for the Barcelona Card for the Hola BCN Ticket is low: for only € 4.40 per day (5-day card) you canmake use of the Barcelona Card. With only 2 free admissions (5-day card), the Barcelona Card may be worth buying for you.

Book the HolaBCN! Ticket Here

Please enter the desired number of Hola BCN! tickets (multi-day tickets for public transport) resp. Barcelona Cards. The Hola BCN! and many other services are included in the Barcelona Cards.
Hola BCN! Ticket public transport valid until 31.12.2018 Desired quantity
2018 - Hola BCN! Ticket public transport 2 days (48 hours) 15.00€
2018 - Hola BCN! Ticket public transport 3 days (72 hours) 22.00€
2018 - Hola BCN! Ticket public transport 4 days (96 hours) 28.50€
2018 - Hola BCN! Ticket public transport 5 days (120 hours) 35.00€
Please select the shipping method:
By e-mail (free shipping)
By post (€4.90 shipping and handling costs)

More Benefits With the Barcelona Card

While you get free usage of the public transportation with the Hola BCN! ticket, you can get more benefits with the Barcelona Card: free and reduced admission, partly without standing in line, many other benefits at many stores and restaurants.

Benefits of the Barcelona Card

  • Free usage of the public transportation (included with Hola BCN!)
  • free admission to 26 attractions
  • Discounts for over 75 museums, apare time activities, cultural faclities, stores, bars and restaurants 
  • Accompanying booklet with city map, metro map and description of the facilities where you can get discounts
  • Barcelona Card for kids: 4 - 12 years. The price for the Barcelona Card for kids is cheaper than the Hola BCN!
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