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Figueres and Salvador Dalí

Dali Made the City Figueres Famous

Figueres is Salvador Dalí's birthplace, an artist as headstrong as he was ingenious. Figueres would certainly not be as well known without its museum: the Dalí Museum in Figueres is of course the top attraction of the city. Thousands of people come every year to see works of the greatest representative of Surrealism. Book a trip and visit Girona, Figueres and the Dalí Museum.

Excursion to Figueres and Girona

During the Dalí Excursion, you will see very beautiful places: from Barcelona you will drive to Girona, a city that invites you to stroll through the old town with its historical monuments, its medieval city walls, Romanesque and Gothic sights, baroque buildings and one of the best preserved Jewish neighborhoods in Europe.

Explore also Figueres and merge into the fascinating surrealistic world of Salvatore Dalí. Here you will visit the Teatre Museu Dalí. Figueres is also a very attractive town with villas, shops and sidewalk cafes.

Figueres and Girona are a perfect complement to any visit to Barcelona.

Teatre-Museu Dalí in Figueres

The Teatre-Museu Dalí is world famous. The museum was built on the remainings of a theatre burnt down during the Spanish Civil War. It was inaugurated in 1974. The museum in Figueres was designed and planned down to the last detail by Dalí. The first exhibition of the artist was in the lobby of the theatre. Some remains of the theatre have been preserved and integrated into the new building of the museum. The glass dome, under which the crypt and the Dalí's coffin is located, can be seen from afar. It's a special landmark of Figueres.

Today, the museum houses over 1500 works of all kinds of techniques: paintings and drawings, photographs, sculptures, installations and engravings. Dalí bequeathed the museum to the Spanish state. He was buried in the museum.

Opening Hours Dalí-Museum

  • 01.01.-28.02.: Tuestdays to Sundays 10:30 to 18:00, last admission 17:15
  • 01.03.-31.03.: Tuestdays to Sundays 09:30 to 18:00, last admission 17:15
  • 01.04.-30.06.: Tuestdays to Sundays 09:00 to 20:00, last admission 17:15
  • 01.07.-30.09.: daily 09:00 to 20:00, last admission 19:15
  • 01.10.-31.10.: Tuestdays to Sundays 09:30 to 18:00, last admission 17:15
  • 01.11.-31.12.: Tuestdays to Sundays 10:30 to 18:00, last admission 17:15
  • Dalí by Night: In August the museum is open at night from 22:00 to 01:00, there's a show in the patio, special lighting and a glass of cava as welcome drink.

Admission: normal € 14, reduced € 10,00 (students, pensioneers)

Booking in advance is recommended.

Portlligat, Dalí's Home

Those who can't get enough of Dalí, should visit the artist's skurille home in Portlligat, in which he lived until his death in 1989. On the way there, you will experience an impressive landscape of the northern Costa Brava.

Opening times Dalí house:
15.03. - 14.06. , 16.09. - 06.01.: 10:30-18:00
15.06. - 15.09.: 10:30-21:00
Visiting the house is only possible with booking in advance.

Travelling to Figueres on Your Own

From Barcelona to Figueres by train
A train goes from Barcelona's main station Sants to Figueres. The timetable can be found on the site of RENFE.

Arrival to Figueres by car
Figueres is located about 140 km north of Barcelona. Whoever gets to Barcelona by car, usually drives on the A7 motorway anyway. This leads to Figueres and the way is signposted well.

Continue to Portlligat
Drive along the coast on the C260 towards the village Roses. Shortly before a country road leads to Cadaques, after about 3 km you'll get to Portlligat.
It is about 30 km from Figueres to Portlligat.

Car Rental: With a rental car, you are flexible, it's easy and relatively cheap.