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Flamenco Shows

Famous artists in Tablao Cordobes and a familiar atmosphere in Patio Andaluz

The Flamenco is an interaction of dance, vocals and music and is conquered by strict rules. It has it's origins in Andalusia, meanwhile it also arrived in Barcelona, though. There are many flamenco bars and cafes, which provide their audience with an extensive show programme and Andalusian food. We work together with two of the top-class shows: the Tablao Flamenco Cordoebes and the Flamenco Patio Andaluz. Those shows are absolutely top-class, and will delight you with two completely different concepts.

You can book two varying kinds of shows:

Andalusian evening with dinner and flamenco

Tablao Cordobes - Flamenco show and delicious buffet

The flamenco at "Tablao Flamenco Cordobes" is part of the most pretentious shows in Spain. The show changes every 2-3 months. Well known artists - singers, dancers and musicians - perform at Tablao Flamenco Cordobes. The Tablao Cordoebes excists since 1970 and is part of the most pretentious shows in Spain.

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Excerpt from the flamenco show at Tablao Cordobes