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Getting to the ferry and cruise port

Directions to your boat or your cruise ship

Barcelona is a major ferry terminal for routes to Mallorca, Genoa, Ibiza and Morocco (Tangier Med). But also many cruise ships such as the Aida, RoyalCarribean and MSC depart from Barcelona to cruise the Mediterranean Sea. The piers of ferries and cruise ships are in close proximity to the city centre, the port begins just at the end of Las Ramblas (Columbus Monument).

You should arrive about 2 hours before the ship is scheduled to depart. If you are going on a cruise, please check the instructions of the cruise line company.

The terminals of the Port of Barcelona

There are seven piers for cruise ships at the port of Barcelona. The terminals A, B, C and D (see plan) are the ones that are furthest away from the city centre. This is where the large cruise ships land, e.g. the AIDA ships. Three other important piers for passenger ships are the South Terminal S (Moll 18C), The East Terminal E (Moll 18B) and the North Terminal N (Moll 18A). These three terminals are situated on the Moll de Barcelona (Barcelona Pier) near the “World Trade Centre”. The most striking construction on the pier is the large steel tower for the cable car middle station. Checking in for a cruise is quite similar to checking in for a flight. The respective departure halls are located right by the terminal.

There are two other piers for car ferries. One is Terminal Z (Drassanes) on the north side of the Moll de Barcelona. The access ramp is located at the point where the jetty meets the mainland. Terminal T (Moll de Sant Bertràn) is located right on the other side of the Moll de Barcelona.

Larger yachts land at Terminal M, which is located next to the Maremàgnum shopping and leisure centre.

How to get to the cruise ship terminals and ferries

Getting there by plane/on foot and with Portbús

Having arrived in Barcelona by plane, take the blue Aerobús or with the Bus 46 to Plaça Espanya (see "Arriving in Barcelona by plane"). and catch the Metro L3 from Catalunya to Drassanes. From there take the underground and take the L3 line ion the direction of Trinity Nova to Drassanes. Note: if you arrive by Bus 46, you do not need to buy an extra ticket; the one you bought for the bus ticket remains valid. From Drassanes it is about 100 metres to the Columbus statue.

On the port side of the square there is a bus stop for the blue "Portús" shuttle buses, which go to the main terminals. You can buy the ticket directly from the driver - the ticket that you bought for the Metro does not apply here. The buses are also accessible for wheelchairs. The travel times of Portbús are synchronized with the departures of cruise ships, and run on average every 20-30 minutes.

The terminals North, East and South are a short 600 metre walking distance from the Columbus Monument, the terminals T and Z are around 400 and 500 metres respectively. We do not recommend walking from the Columbus Monument to the Terminals A to D since it´s a long walk along a highly frequented road with heavy traffic, and especially in the midday heat it is anything but pleasant to.

If you arrive via the airport Reus or Girona, follow the instructions on the pages of "Arrival via Girona Airport" or "Arrival via Reus Airport". If arriving via Girona, take the Metro and get on the L3 at Plaça Catalunya in the direction of Zona Universitaria. Get off at Drassanes and then continue as described above. If travelling via Reus Airport take the L3 Metro from Sants Estació train station and then get off at the Drassanes station.

Getting to the ferry and cruise terminals by car

The way to the port and departure terminals for different destinations is well signposted. Whether you come from the north, west or east, you take the B10, the Ronda del Litoral. It goes along the beach directly past the port. The Moll de Barcelona is located at the Plaça de les Dressanes, where most of the ferries depart.

Coming from the north, the A2 becomes the B-10 as soon as the motorway reaches the city area. Coming from the west, the C-32 crosses the A2/B-10 on the outskirts of Barcelona. If you come from the east, take the C-32 which forks into C-31 and B-20 in the city region. Take the C-31 which will later cross the B-10. In case you accidentally take the B-20, don´t worry, it will later cross the B-10 as well.

To get to the Terminals A-D by car, cross the bridge. On the other side, short-term parking is available for the time required to drop luggage off and check in.

Parking near the port

For checking in luggage, there is short term parking available at the terminals, but no long-term parking. The car parks closest to the port are:

There are reduced parkingrates especially for cruise ships passengers

You can find information about parking in Barcelona and affordable long-term rates on the "Parking in Barcelona" page.

Arriving by taxi from Barcelona Airport

Different taxi fares are applied on weekdays/weekends and during the day/night. There is an extra charge for each piece of luggage. You can find out about the current rates on the website of the Institut Metropolità del Taxi, the taxi cooperative in Barcelona. A trip from the airport to the port will cost you approx. 20-25 €.

Information for wheelchair users

All facilities of the port and the Portbúus offer barrier-free access for wheelchair users.

Excursion tips in Barcelona

If you are on a cruise and in Barcelona port for a day, or would like to spend a couple of days there before or after a cruise, we have put together some suggested tours for you. Ideal ways to quickly get to know Barcelona from the port are; Las Ramblas tour (1 day), the tour through the Gothic Quarter (2 days) and the “Maritime Barcelona” tour (1 day). Of course you can always shorten the suggested tours.

You can also take a city tour by bus. With the so-called hop-on hop-off buses, you can get on and off at any time at the sights that interest you. A bus stop is located at the Columbus monument. You can book tickets easily online. you can also book ferries right away: booking a ferry.

Hotels and car rentals near the port

Close to the port there is a wide range of hotels of all categories. The largest one is the 5-star Hotel Eurostar Gran Marina right at the port next to the World Trade Centre. There are affordable hotels of all classes in the old town.

You can hire a car near the port: Avis has a car rental right by the World Trade Centre.

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