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Mosaic Classes - Mosaic Technique in Gaudí Style

Learn the mosaic method "Trencadis" (mosaic of broken tile shards) invented by Antonio Gaudí and create your own ceramic and Tiffany glass artwork. These mosaic classes have no limits on your creativity and imagination. Young and old, male and female participants are equally enthusiastic during this class, especially for families it is great fun. And on top of that you can take your own, very individual souvenir home.



  • Mosaic course with the technique used by Gaudí in his works
  • Materials such as tools, tiles and Tiffany glass as well as a decoration object of your choice
  • For more elaborate decoration objects, such as salamanders, higher material costs and longer duration of the class are needed. If required, this service will be charged additionally with € 5 locally.
  • After completing your mosaic artwork, it has to dry and needs to be grouted by MOSAICCOS (except 8 hour class). You can pick up your mosaic works the next business day.


  • English
  • German

You design and create for example a picture or mirror frame, photo frame, coaster, elephant or a design of your own choice like for example a soccer emblem. The best part about it is that you leave the workshop and have made a unique souvenir all by yourself.

Available workshops, prices and times:

  • Experiencia Gaudí 4 hours: Trencadis-Mosaic Workshop
    You will create a Trencadis mosaic in Gaudí style and will learn the cutting of the broken fragments with the mosaic pincers. Several decoration objects are available at choice like for example a small mirror (approx. 22 x 22 cm)

Why Book a Trencadis Class

In Barcelona, you will often come across the works of Antoni Gaudí, who has often used and perfected the Trencadis - the technique of creating images with broken ceramics. It is much easier to get involved with his works and to understand them, if you have used his technique with your own hands.

The result of the class is always a unique souvenir that you can admire for a long time after your trip to Barcelona. It does not require the genius of a Gaudí to produce something beautiful. And if the planned salamanderis actually becoming a whale, it is still your unique work.

You will have a lot of fun during the Trenkadis class, especially if you are attending the class with your family or in a group.