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Make your own unique Trencadis mosaic souvenir

Design your own Barcelona souvenir using the technique that Antoni Gaudí perfected!

Work according to Antoni Gaudí's example: learn the technique of trencadí invented and perfected by Gaudí, the production of a mosaic from broken shards of tile.

As a result, at the end of the course you will have your own work of art and a truly unique souvenir in your hands.

There are no limits to your creativity and imagination in these mosaic courses. Young and old, male and female participants are equally enthusiastic here, and this course is also great fun for families. You take your own, very individual souvenir home with you.

How does the Trencadis Mosaic course work?

At the beginning you will receive a short introduction to the Trencadís technique. You will see some examples of professionally made mosaics from the shop and you will see some examples of the work of the master Antoni Gaudí in photos.

You then choose a stencil to use as a template, such as a salamander, tray, coaster or picture frame, and the material you want to use: glass or ceramic.

Now there are no limits to your imagination. You cover the template - or a design of your choice such as a football crest - with the ceramic or glass fragments and glue them in place.

You then leave your finished work of art to the team so that it can be grouted. You can pick it up ready the next day. The great thing is, you leave the art studio with a unique and self-made souvenir.

No previous knowledge is necessary. Suitable for adults and children alike.

Services included

  • 4-hour mosaic course with the technique that Gaudí used in his works
  • Experienced teachers
  • They speak the following languages: German, English, Spanish or French
  • Materials such as tools, tiles and Tiffany glass as well as a decorative object of your choice
  • Safety goggles
  • Small groups, max. 10 people
  • After you have finished your mosaic work of art, it must dry and be grouted by MOSAICCOS. You can pick up your mosaic works on the next working day.

Why book a Trencadis course

In Barcelona you will very often come across the works of Antoni Gaudí, who in them often used and perfected the trencadis - the technique of creating images with broken ceramics. It is much easier to get involved with his works and to understand them if you have used the technique with your own hands.

The result of the course is always a unique souvenir that you can admire long after your trip to Barcelona. It doesn't take Gaudí's genius to produce something beautiful. And even if the planned salamander turned into a whale, it's still your unique work.

You will have a lot of fun during the Trenkadis course, especially if you attend the course with family or in a group.

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