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GoCar Tours - the different city tour

In the yellow convertible with GPS support to the sights

With a GoCar you can experience the city in a new way. These sophisticated yellow convertibles talk to you and take you on a city tour that you’ll never forget. The on-board computer and GPS system constantly make sure you stay on track and are informed about everything that’s on your route. So you can enjoy Barcelona from the very best perspective.

Highlights of GoCar Tours

  • GPS guided sightseeing tour
  • Driving off the route is possible anytime
  • Audio guide in English

Why Book a Gocar Tour

The GoCar Tour is a city tour that is a lot of fun: you drive in the open vehicles and the navigation system tells you the way and interesting information about the sights you pass on the way. You can park the car and have a look or take a break. With the GoCars you are flexible. You can always deviate from the suggested route to see something different. The system keeps you on the right track again and again. With the GoCars you can cover a relatively long distance, so you get a lot to see.

Book the GoCar-Tour here

On several proposed routes you can get to know the city from a unique perspective: the GPS system shows you the way, a friendly voice tells you interesting things and lots of interesting facts about the sights along the route. You can get out and look a little closer whenever you like.
Deviating from the suggested route is not a problem; several detour options will also be proposed depending on the tour you’re taking. The GPS system will lead you back to the suggested route.

You can choose from the following routes