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Literary and film tours

Walk in the footsteps of the protagonists of films and world-famous novels

Walk in the traces of the protagonists of a bestseller novel or find yourselves in the middle of the film set. Countless films were made in Barcelona and the surrounding area or their history takes place in Barcelona. A number of novels of world fame also act in the Mediterranean metropolis. See the locations of the protagonists.

The film and literature tours

From Barcelona: Medieval Girona Tour (Game of Thrones)

From Barcelona: Medieval Girona Tour (Game of Thrones)

  • See the locations of the 6th season of the popular HBO cult series "Game of Thrones"
  • Walk through gironas winding, medieval streets and through the Jewish quarter, one of the best preserved in the world
  • Visiting the Girona Cathedral
  • Free time to explore the city on your own
  • Drive from Barcelona in a comfortable coach
  • Duration in total about 7 hours
'The Shadow of the Wind' Literary Walking Tour

The Shadow of the Wind Literary Walking Tour

  • Explore Barcelona based on the events in Carlos Ruiz Zafón's bestsellers "The Shadow of the Wind"
  • Walk in the footsteps of the protagonists Daniel Sempere, Julian Carax and Fermin Romero de Torres
  • Discover the cemetery of the forgotten books, the Santa Lucia facility and the Arc del TeaTre
  • Visit the Xampanyet tapa bar and Els Quatre Gats
  • See the house and bookstore "Sempere and Sons"
  • Duration approx. 3 hours
Girona Game of Thrones Private Tour with Pickup

Girona Game of Thrones Private Tour with Pickup

  • Private tour with pick up at your hotel in Barcelona
  • Visiting the filming locations of the "Game of Thrones" series
  • Tour through the old town of Girona
  • Visiting the Girona Cathedral, walking through the Jewish Quarter and over the Gustave Eiffel Bridge
  • Private transport
  • Duration in total about 5 hours
'The Cathedral of the Sea' Literary Walking Tour

The Cathedral of the Sea Literary Walking Tours

  • Possible as a private tour
  • Go in the footsteps of the protagonists in Ildefonso Falconé's bestseller "The Cathedral of the Sea"
  • Discover a part of Barcelona, which has remained almost untouched since the 14th century
  • Explore the secrets of historical Ribera and the Gothic quarter
  • Find out something about the construction of the Santa Maria del Mar, the highlight of Catalan-Gothic Art
  • Duration approx. 2-3 hours
'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' Film Tour

Film tour Vicky Cristina Barcelona

  • Experience Barcelona's beauty with Woody Allen. Go on a tour of the most famous places in the popular film.
  • Walk in the footsteps of the protagonists of "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"
  • On the way there is the opportunity to take your own photos to reproduce scenes from the film
  • In one of the bars of the film you can try a absinthe
  • Discover places from numerous other films that were also shot in the city
  • Duration approx. 2 hours

The films and novels and their places of work

HBO series "Game of Thrones"

The action of the series plays in a fictional world in the two continents of Westeros and Essos. The kingdoms of Westeros resemble the European Middle Ages and are separated from the land of eternal winter in the north by a wall of ice. The seasons can take several years, their duration is not predictable. Got's story begins at the end of a summer and is told in parallel in three storylines. Tensions between mighty noble houses of the Reich build up and lead to an open struggle for the throne. Winter is on and in the north of Westeros there is a danger from a strange power. Daenery's Targaryen - Erbess of the Royal Royal Family of Westeros - is fighting for power in Essos. The series consists of eight seasons.

Novel "The Cathedral of the Sea" by Ildefonso Falconés

The bestseller novel "The Cathedral of the Sea" plays almost 700 years ago at a time when Barcelona was one of the most prospering and growing cities in Europe. At that time, the residents of the modest district of Ribera decided to build a new church - by the people for the people. This church was dedicated to the patron saint of seafarers - the Santa Maria de la Mar. But the residents of Barcelona, ​​both the poor and the rich - had to deal with various problems: greed, injustice, wars, the plague and the Spanish inquisition ...

Novel "The Shadow of Wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The youth and early adult of Daniel Sempere in Barcelon are the focus of the plot in the bestseller. The plot moves between 1945 and 1966. Daniel, son of a bookseller, came across a book fascinating him in 1945 and, strangely, almost unknown author. His research is occasionally occasionally, but then they become almost obsessive.

In the gradual life story of the author, Julián Carax, moral decay and unsuspicious crimes from the period around 1920 combine with the crimes from the time of the Spanish Civil War after 1936 and the Franco dictatorship after 1945. Protagonists over the generations - until they actively deal with them.

Film "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" by Woody Allen

Two different friends spend their vacation in Barcelona, ​​where they get to know a painter with marriage problems. He invites them to a love weekend on his hazienda, in which his wife is also present. While the more level-headed of the two falls in love, but remains reserved, the fluttering one on a menage à trois with the wife can be included. Amusing film with many burlesque twists and convincing actors.

Why book a film or literature guide

When you read a novel, you will surely get an idea of ​​what the environment looks like in which the protagonists move. If you watch a film, you may want to look at the places behind the fantastic film stories and feel their "spirit".

We believe that a tour to the locations and locations stimulates the imagination and makes you want to read the book again or look at the film again.