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With the dog to Barcelona

Entering Spain with the dog and staying in Barcelona

Entry with dogs and other pets is generally possible. For travel within the EU and thus also for entry into Spain, the animal always needs a valid pet passport and a valid rabies vaccination.

Dog-friendly city tours

There are several dog-friendly city tours that are offered as private tours. The tour guide is there exclusively for you.

France (for transit by car) and Spain require a rabies vaccination certificate that is less than one year old and issued at least 30 days before entry. An EU pet passport and a health certificate from the veterinarian are also required.

For certain dog breeds there is a general muzzle requirement.

As of July 3, 2011, an EU directive came into force, according to which dogs, cats and ferrets must have an implanted microchip. A tattoo alone is therefore no longer enough.

Please also note that you should have your dog vaccinated at an early stage so that the vaccinations can become valid. Your vet will be happy to advise you. Please also seek advice on what are known as Mediterranean diseases, such as leishmaniasis, which is transmitted by sand flies, among other things. There is now a vaccination against leishmaniasis.

Dogs in public transport

Most of the pets brought are dogs. Since they are the only pets that move around Barcelona with their owner, we will limit ourselves to dogs below.

Dogs in the subway

Dogs are allowed on the Metro, but with restrictions:

  • Only one dog per person is allowed
  • The dog must have a registered chip for identification
  • A muzzle and a short leash are mandatory
  • Dogs are not allowed on the metro during peak times. This concerns the period between 11 September and 24 June from Mon-Fri from 07.00-09.30 and 17.00-19.00.
  • Outside of these times and on weekends, you can take your dog with you on the metro

Dogs on the bus

Stricter restrictions apply on buses. It is allowed:

  • Companion and assistance dogs for the blind, disabled and security personnel
  • Small dogs in a transport case

The dogs must wear a muzzle and you as the owner of your animal must have "a device against dirt" (bags and cleaning equipment) with you to remove dirt.

Dogs on long-distance trains

In Spain, only small dogs are allowed on long-distance trains. Unfortunately, large dogs are not allowed. If you want to travel to Barcelona by train via France, an alternative would be to take regional trains from the border to Barcelona. Or you can book a ride, for example via "Blabla Car".

Dogs on the ferry

Each ferry company decides for itself whether and how you can take a dog on the ferry. Some require that the dog must be housed in a kennel on deck. For some, the dog has to be left in the car. If they wear a muzzle, they may also be taken for a walk on deck. Not all ferries take dogs. If a shipping company allows you to take a dog or cat with you, you can book this directly.

Staying with dogs in Barcelona

Dogs in tourist attractions

Dogs are not allowed in attractions. But there are exceptions:

  • You can take small dogs that fit in a bag with you to visit the Camp Nou stadium
  • Dogs are allowed at Casa Batlló provided they are under the control of their owners and approved by Casa Batlló staff

Dogs on the beach

During the bathing season there are restrictions on staying with dogs on the beach. From April 1st to June 30th, dogs are not allowed on the beach on weekends. From July 1st to the last Sunday in September, dogs are not allowed on the beach at all. With one exception: on the Llevat beach, which is the last stretch of beach before the Parque del Forum in the north-eastern part of the beach, there is a dog section. This is open from June 1st to the last Sunday in September.

Dogs in restaurants

In many bars and restaurants you can take your dog with you without any problems, in some only small dogs. It is best to ask before you go in or when making your reservation.

Bars and restaurants can of course sometimes be quite full. That's no fun for the dog. If you are spontaneously looking for a restaurant, you can see how full it is at the moment. If you reserve a seat in a restaurant, you can ask when the quietest time is.

With the dog in the hotel

On you can also book hotels where you can bring your pet. To do this, select "Show additional options" and then tick "Pets allowed".

Tips for staying with a dog in Barcelona

In Barcelona you will find countless fenced-off dog walks where you can let your legged companion run free. Otherwise you have to keep the dog on a short leash in the city.

You can take a break with your dog in many parks. Give your companion enough rest. Water is available from the many fountains and can also be bottled.

A matter of course: always collect your protégé's piles. Please also make sure that your dog does not mark on houses or cars.

Sometimes delivery services ride their bikes on the sidewalk. This is forbidden and more than annoying, but please make sure that your dog stays with you. In the dark you should make your dog visible, for example with a light collar, a safety vest and a light leash.