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Family with children

In Barcelona you will find many offers for children and adults

What could be nicer than having the whole family go on holiday? The everyday stress stays at home and Mum and Dad have a lot of time for the whole family.

Here we show you the sights that parents will enjoy just as much as the children. Whether the children have a lot of fun on the beach, ride the cable car, have fun at the amusement park or admire famous cartoon characters made of chocolate in the Museu de Xocolata; Barcelona can always offer attractions that provide something for children and parents together. This way everybody has the chance to have the holiday they deserve.

Barcelona offers plenty for families with children

Sightseeing tour for the family

With our tour program for the whole family you and your children will know Barcelona in two days.

Barcelona has many places where families with children will find enjoyment. Children and parents can have fun at many sights: an amusement park, cable cars, a zoo, several parks to let off steam, many museums that are specifically adapted to the interests of children, and in particular 4.5 km of sandy beach make an ideal destination for families with children in Barcelona.

Many hotels offer family rooms and apartments. The prices for accommodation, food and public transport in Barcelona are fairly low for Central European standards, which spares the holiday budget. In restaurants, people have a typically friendly Mediterranean attitude, and are understanding when a child is a little loud sometimes.

Activities and attractions for families

In Barcelona there is plenty to see and discover for children: an amusement park, beautifully landscaped parks, a plentiful sandy beach, cable cars and a lot of museums that are tailored to the interests of the children. All these attractions help to make Barcelona an interesting destination for the entire family.
The age references are approximate guidelines for the age at which the attractions could be interesting for children.

Attractions for children

Here you will find other top attractions that are also - but not only - fun for children of all ages.

Mosaic workshops in Barcelona

Mosaic Classes - Mosaic Technique in Gaudí Style

You don't have to be Picasso, Miró or Gaudí to be creative yourselve. In this workshop you will have a lot of fun making a little masterpiece out of broken tiles and glass. An english speaking instructor will teach you the techniques.

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English-speaking private city tours for children

English-speaking private city tours for children

For children we have two very special tours: the private Drake Tour and the private Columbus Tour. Of course, the parents can also join in with these tours.

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L'Aquàrium shows the flora and fauna in the sea


The tunnel through the shark pool is a very special attraction, not only for children. Special family tickets make this quite expensive museum more affordable. For children of about 3-4 years old or older, the aquarium has an extra area to explore children's play in the underwater world.

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Stadium of FC Barcelona

Camp Nou - the stadium of FC Barcelona

Almost a must for any football fan. A visit to FC Barcelona, Europe's largest football stadium, and its museum also includes a tour of the locker rooms of the stars. You can also book tickets for home games of FC Barcelona.
For children of about 6 to 12 years.

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Zoo - Parc Zoològic

Zoo - Parc Zoològic

The zoo specializes in great apes, amongst other attractions. Similarly, the daily dolphin show delights children. Some animals can be petted and the kids can ride ponies. In the adjacent Parc de la Ciutadella, you can ride on a lake boat.
For children of about 3 years or older.

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Big Fun Museum - Museum of illusions

Big Fun Museum

The Big Fun Museum is one of the funniest places in Barcelona. Here you yourself are the exhibits: with camera or smartphone in hand you create unique and humorous pictures in front of bizarre backgrounds.
For children from 6 years.

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Las Golondrinas – Harbour tour trip along the beaches

Harbour Cruise with the Las Golondrinas

Huge cranes, gigantic container ships, cruise ships as tall as skyscrapers and many ships, sailboats, windsurfers and all kinds of sea birds. You can even look directly at the fish through a window in the ship floor. Not just your children will be amazed at the harbor cruise or the "harbor and coast" trip. The boat ride is included in the Barcelona Card.
For children of about 6 years or older.

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Parque d'Atraccions on the Tibidabo

Parque d'Atraccions on the Tibidabo

This ride is a pleasure. A lot of views and a great amusement park within a very special setting. The Nickelodeon Museum should also not be missed.
For children of about 6 years old or over.

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Columbus statue - best view on the rambla

Columbus statue - best view on the rambla

From up here the kids have a great view of the Ramblas, the Maritime Museum, the port and the L'Aquàrium. It’s great for showing the kids everywhere that they have been.
For children over 6 years old.

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Poble Espanyol, the Spanisch village

Poble Espanyol - the Spanisch village

At the foot of Montjuic, this open-air museum offers much amusement. There are many events for children, including demonstrations of traditional crafts, such as the glass-blowers, which delight many children. Lots of exercise and no cars.
For children of about 6 years or older.

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Park Güell

Park Güell - a hommage to nature

The freely accessible Park Güell is a very special attraction. Designed with space and with a lot of imagination children can romp around here freely.
For children of about 6 years and older.

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Montjuïc - fun with a lot of view

Montjuïc - Have a good time with a great view

From Montjuïc you and your children not only have a great view. In particular the cable car (Acre) over the harbour and to the summit and the Castell (Telefèric) is a highlight for children, but also the journey by funicular railway (Funicular).
For children of about 10 years or older.

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Museu de la Xocolata - chocolate museum

Chocolate Museum - Museu de la Xocolata

The Chocolate Museum Museu de la Xocolata tells the story of chocolate in Europe and the importance of its origin in South American cultures. Many comic book heroes made of chocolate are on display, such as Tintin, Asterix and Obelix. The delicious smell throughout the entire museum will make a visit a very special experience for kids.
For children of about 6 years and older.

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Attractions for children

Here you find other top attractions that are also - but not only - fun for children of all ages.

Park Güell and the friendly salamander

Park Güell

The Park Güell is a special attraction. It is undoubtedly one of Barcelona's most famous sights and is designed with imagination. It offers plenty of space and children can let off steam here.
For children from 6 years.


Living statues on the Rambles

Living statues on the Ramblas

Children are amazed by the usually elaborate and imaginatively costumed living statues no longer out: as a robot, medieval knight or as an exciting fantasy figure. And completely without admission. But the actors are happy about a small tip. Thrown into a box by small children, they put a lot of effort into it.
For children from 3 years.

The beach - popular with young and old

Barcelona's beach

Which child would not enjoy this sandy beach of Barcelona? The beach is well maintained, the water is clean. From the Rambla, Port or L'Aquàrium the beach is within walking distance.
For children from about 3 years.


Poble Espanyol - the Spanish village

Poble Espanyol - the Spanish village

At the foot of Montjuïc, the open-air museum Poble Espanyol offers a lot of fun. There are many events for children, as well as demonstrations of traditional crafts, such as the glassblower, thrilled many children. Lots of spout and no cars.
For children over 6 years.


Egyptian Museum - Mummies up close

Eyptian Museum Barcelona

Scary-exciting stories about pharaohs and life in ancient Egypt make the Egyptian Museum interesting for children and young people.
For children over 6 years.



CosmoCaixa - playfully discovering science

CosmoCaixa - Museum of Science

One of the most prestigious European science museums. Didactic and interactive, the disciplines of science are presented here in an exciting way. Learning fun, not only interesting for your children.
For children over 10 years.


Columbus statue with drive to the observation deck

Columbus Memorial with observation deck

From up here, the children have a great view of Las Ramblas, the Maritime Museum, the harbor and L'Aquàrium. Nice to show the kids where they've been everywhere.
For children over 6 years.




360 well-known personalities are attractively staged. Many of the figures are personalities of Spanish and Catalan history, but the kings and princes are still quite interesting, perhaps just for the children. Some areas are quite bleak, then just take the small ones by the hand. Be sure to visit the Café Bosc de les Fades afterwards. Your children will be amazed.
From about 10 years, the cafe from about 3-5 years.


Chocolate Museum - Museu de la Xocolata

Chocolate museum

Which child does not like chocolate? Many cartoon heroes such as Asterix and Obelix or Tintin and the delicious smell in the whole museum make the visit to children a very special experience. The adults can learn a lot about the history and culture of chocolate.
For children over 6 years.

Parc de la Ciutadella, rowing boat and picnic

Parc de la Ciutadella

At the Ciutadella parc you can go rowing, climb a mammoth on the horns, admire the water-breathing dragon, go to the Zoological Museum or just have a picnic on a meadow in the countryside.
For children over 6 years.


Museu Marítim - replica of a rowing galley

Museu Marítim - replic of a galley

In a vivid way, the history of navigation is explained here. Above all, the ship models, the real boats, the collection of galleon figures and the reconstructed interior of the ships are exciting. A special highlight of the museum is the replica of a 60-meter-long galley.
For children over 6 years.


Font Màgica - the magic fountains

Font Màgica - the magic fountains

When it's already dark, the trick fountains of the magical fountains are a particularly impressive experience. Free entry.
For children over 10 years.



Montjuïc - Great view of the sea, the harbor and the city

Castell Montjuïc - tolle Aussicht

From the Montjuïc you and your children not only have a great view. Especially the cable car (Aeri) over the harbor and to the Castell (Telefèric) are highlights for children, but also the access by funicular.
For children over 10 years.


Arrival with children and travelling in Barcelona

When travelling by car you should expect that a trip from Germany, Austria or Switzerland to Barcelona will take a good two days, depending on where you start your journey. Likewise, the cost of petrol, tolls, parking fees and a possible overnight stay is not negligible.
Our tip: take the coast road from Figueres. This saves toll charges, your children can see the boats on the water and you can always stop at a beach.

In Barcelona itself, the public transport is well developed and almost all attractions are within walking distance of a metro or tram station, therefore a car is not necessarily required. Even now almost all public transport is barrier-free, i.e. even with a pram you can use all means of transport.

If you travel by plane but still need a car to take a day trip to the countryside, for instance, there are rentals cars available from only € 40 per day at pick up stations throughout the city.

A flight with a scheduled airline or a low-cost carrier is not only a highlight of the holiday for your children; it may as well be cheaper than the car. Infants of 1-2 years fly at a much lower price if they sit on the lap of their parents during the flight. Children up to 11 years old still get a reduced fare, although children over 12 years old must pay full price with most airlines.

Accommodation with children

Since Barcelona, amongst other things, is a Trade Fair centre, usually school holidays are not necessarily peak season. So it is indeed very hot in August and the whole city is a little quieter, but the hotel prices are lower than in other months.

Many hotels offer special family rooms for three or four people. On you can reserve these rooms. To do this choose "advanced options" in our booking system and select the "family room". You will receive a selection of hotels that have rooms and prices for the period requested. Or you can directly visit our hotel page with recommended family-friendly hotels.

Often, even small children up to 2-3 years old can sleep for free in their parents' bed, or a free cot will even be made available. The conditions are stated in the hotel description. If your child is a little older an extra bed can often be set up in the room.

An alternative to one or more hotel rooms are apartments. The apartments have multiple bedrooms and usually they are self-catering so you can safely save a few Euros. In smaller apartments prices per person are roughly equivalent to the range of a middle class hotel. For families or groups of about four people there will be more favorable rates in comparison to a hotel.

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Useful for families with children

Rental of prams and accessories

In Barcelona you can rent prams, beds, children's clothing and anything else that children need. This is ideal if you’re travelling by plane and the transport in an aircraft is too inconvenient. The booked equipment can be delivered to your hotel and collected again. These services are offered, for example, by the companies Easy Travel Kids or BackPackBaby.


You need a babysitter in Barcelona? Some babysitting agencies provide professional babysitters. These speak Spanish as well as several other languages, eg. French or English.
The sitters come to your hotel. One of these agencies is BcnBabysitter.


Discounts for children and families

Children under 3 get free admission to most museums and attractions. There is reduced admission for kids up to 12-16 year olds, but this is not uniformly regulated. Some institutions also offer a discount for students (don’t forget your ID). In addition, there are often special family tickets.

For bus and subway ride infants up to 3 years old travel for free, but four year olds and older must have a ticket. A reduced rate for children under 12 years old is included with the Barcelona Card, which includes the use of bus and subway.

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