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Districts of Barcelona

Each district is unique

Each district in Barcelona has its own identity and characteristics. They all have their own specific street layout, appearance of the houses, life on the streets and even their own sounds and smells.

Old town of Barcelona with the districts Raval, El Born and Barri Gòtic

Ciutat Vella - Old town and city centre Barcelona

Barcelona's Old Town with the districts El Raval, El Borne and the Barri Gòtic is the geographic and historic centre of the Catalonian capital. The Old Town has a lot to offer for tourists.

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Barceloneta - former fishermen's quarter

Barceloneta - district between harbour and beach

Barceloneta was created to build housing for the residents who lost their homes by the construction of the citadel . Today, because of the Barceloneta beach promenade, its many restaurants and his special flair to the beloved streets.

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Eixample - district of Modernism

Eixample - The district of Modernism

Around 150 buildings of the Catalan Art Nouveau in Eixample are now a historical monument, including two of the most famous buildings of Gaudí. The most marked feature is the almost wasteful construction of the roads.

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The Montjuïc and ist sights


The Montjuïc is not a district in the true sense, but an area which has a character like a park. Many of its attraction is owed to Barcelona's Montjuic mountain house in the southern city of World Expo in 1929 and the Olympic Games in 1992. There are excellent museums and magnificent views worth the climb to the approximately 210-metre-high mountain.

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District Gràcia


Characteristic features of the artists and students quarter Gràcias are the small alleys are close and many small, relatively warm places. In 1889, the formerly independent village incorporated to the city of Barcelona.

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Superblocks, the urban development project in Barcelona

Barcelona will be great thanks to superblocks!

Barcelona - a city with many sights. "Green" and "sustainability" have not yet been associated with the city. The new concept for urban development is to use "superblocks" to reduce traffic and make it more environmentally friendly, and improve the quality of the air and life.

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