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Concert Halls, Theatre, Movie

Barcelona is the city for concerts and musicals

Barcelona is one of the capitals of music in Europe. You can experience classic world stars as well as international pop stars. You can also visit world-famous theatres and musicals here. Program cinema and blockbusters - some in original language - are shown in countless large and small cinemas or open air.

Operas, concerts, musicals are performed in Barcelona

Music halls in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the capitals of music in Europe. Classical-world stars like Montserrat Caballé and Jose Carreras are just as happy to perform here as international pop stars.

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Theatres in Barcelona


Barcelona's theatre scene has flourished greatly in recent years. Major world-famous plays and musicals are preformed here. Moreover, a theatre scene with popular plays, a wide variety of performances for the general public and alternative theatres have become established over the years. The theatre scene these days is very impressive; with audiovisual shows and performances by regional and international artists and ensembles.

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Cinemas and film festivals in Barcelona

Cinema and Film

There are a lot of cinemas in Barcelona: modern with total technical sophistication, and small cinemas beyond the current "blockbusters". Current films are usually shown in the Spanish dubbed version. Countless cinemas have become specialized in showing only original versions.
In addition to the cinemas, you can visit several film festivals in Barcelona with a variety of topics.

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MEAM Blues-Swing concerts

Every Friday night Blues and Swing concerts take place in the special setting of the MEAM.

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Classical concerts at MEAM

Classical music in the special atmosphere of the MEAM. The concerts take place every Saturday night.

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Flamenco and dinner

Experience authentic and first class flamenco in Barcelona, as well as a delicate dinner with andalusian specialities.

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Coastal tour

Book a special view over the city: a coastal tour with the Golondrinas.

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