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Kayak and Snorkelling at Costa Brava

Discover crystal-clear water, small caves and the colorful underwater world

Spend a day of your Barcelona vacation actively or relaxing on the beautiful Costa Brava coast on the Mediterranean with friends or family. Experience the crystal-clear water while kayaking and snorkelling and discover bays, small caves and a variety of marine life!


  • Exotic landscape, beautiful beaches, crystal clear water
  • Kayaking and snorkeling
  • Explore fascinating cliffs, caves and bays
  • Delicious sandwiches on the beach

After a private bus ride from Barcelona center to a picturesque beach on the Costa Brava, a professional and licensed kayak guide will take you through the crystal clear water to beautiful places, bays and small caves.

The Costa Brava coast is also a wonderful place for snorkelling: the seabed is mostly made up of beautiful rock formations, seagrass and white sand, where many different species of fish, starfish and other sea creatures live.

This activity is also aimed at groups who do not want to kayak but enjoy the day with family or friends on the coast.  It's the same tour without kayaking or snorkelling. Relax on the beach or explore the stunning surroundings until your group comes back.

Delicious sandwiches with a selection of Spanish ham, cheese and salad are available for you on the beach.

Why Kayaking and Snorkelling on the Costa Brava?

This trip to the Costa Brava coast is a fun and great adventure for young and old. Discover the marine world with colorful fish and impressive caves while sea kayaking and snorkelling. If you don't want to be active just relax in the picturesque landscape or take a walk along the coast - there is much to discover and marvel at!

Book Kayak and Snorkel Day Trip on the Costa Brava

  • Kayak and snorkel day trip for 6 and 8 hours including transfer to Costa Brava