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Interesting facts

Information and background about Barcelona

Here you will find interesting and useful facts and background information about Barcelona. What typical celebrations, festivals and events are celebrated in Barcelona, which languages are spoken by the locals? We tell the story of the city of Barcelona, of Barcelona FC and why modernism is so widespread in Barcelona.
Barcelona has produced many famous personalities. Here you can get to know some of them.

Barcelona's history from the Roman period to date

Barcelona`s history

The settlement history of Barcelona began in the second Century BC with Barcino, the largest known Roman settlement outside of Rome. But the Gothic and modernist eras have also left visible traces. Fortunately the legacies of the dismal period of Franco's dictatorship have been eliminated.
The history of Barcelona has also been shaped by the quest for independence and preservation of its own cultural identity.

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Overview of public holidays and festive days

Festivals and Holidays

The Catalans love to party. Whether it is a traditional holiday, the feast of the City Patron Saint, the beginning of spring or a modern jazz festival – everything celebrated here. Especially during the warm seasons the people will be on the street. It is colourful, music can be heard from everywhere, and everybody is in a good mood. It’s simply entertaining for young and old.
Here is an overview of the main activities in Barcelona.

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Barcelona's languages

Barcelona's languages

In Catalonia, two official languages are spoken: Spanish and Catalan. Both are Roman languages. Catalan predominates in official areas such as universities and public authorities. In museums comments are always provided in two languages - in addition, of course, translations are also given in the languages of the guests. You can also download our phrasebook.

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Travel season and climate

Climate and travel periods

The Barcelona climate is fairly temperate due to its location on the Mediterranean. Winter and summer in Barcelona each have their own appeal.

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FC Barcelona, background and history

FC Barcelona, more than a club

The traditional club FC Barcelona is now the world's second largest sports club. Barça, with its over 100-year old history, experienced many ups and downs: winning the Champions League up to its President's shooting under Franco.

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Famous personalities in the history of Barcelona

Famous personalities

Barcelona has produced many world famous personalities. In particular, artists and architects such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dali, Antoni Tàpies, Lluis Domènech i Montaner and the towering Anoni Gaudí.

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Modernism - Catalan art nouveau

Modernisme - Barcelona formative period of art

There is almost no other architectural style - apart from Gothic - that has influenced the face of Barcelona as much as the Modernisme - the Catalan art nouveau. The epoch of Modernisme left the city with a unique cultural heritage. This is proven by the fact that no other city has as many buildings on the UNESCO World Heritage List as Barcelona. The list for Barcelona contains nine entries, and all of them are works from the Modernisme.

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Useful links about Barcelona

Useful Links

Here we have compiled some interesting web sites. Further links can be found on almost every page relating to each particular subject.

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Barcelona in figures - facts and figures about Barcelona

Barcelona in figures

Here are some figures about Barcelona; starting at the number of inhabitants to the water consumption.

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Castellers - the human towers

Castellers, the human towers

This Catalan tradition's origin, to build human towers, dates back to the 18th century. The inhabitants of a small town of Valls, about 40 km west of Barcelona, started building the towers. The individual groups (colles) started to compete in sporting events. Not only the building itself was invented, but also the competition. The highest and most daring constructions are up to nine stories high. You can find Castells on almost every folk festival.

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Las Golondrinas – Harbour tour and boat trip along the beaches of Barcelona

Las Golondrinas – Harbour tour and boat trip along the beaches of Barcelona

Experience the maritime Barcelona with the "Golondrinas". You can choose between the shorter harbour tour through the yacht harbour, the fishing port and the freight port and the long ride “Port i Litoral”. This tour takes you into the open sea along the coast to the city limits of Barcelona at Port Fòrum.

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Address: Portal de la Pau (gegenüber der Kolumbussäule) Barcelona
Phone: +34 934 423 106  
Metro: Drassanes (L3)  
Bus Turístic: Colom - Museu Marítim

Catalan recipes and tapas recipes

Catalonian recipes

Enjoy a taste of Barcelona and the Mediterranean with our typical Catalan and Spanish delicacies, which you can make at home. With our delicious tapas recipes, you can also experience the Spanish-Catalan lifestyle at home.

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