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Climate and travel periods

The main climate data of Barcelona

As a coastal city at the Mediterranean, Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate. In the summer months the Azores high dominates the weather. It is warm, quite hot in summer, and dry. The average summer temperatures are around 28 ° C. The hottest months are July and August.

7-day weather forecast

We give you a forecast of the weather, temperatures and the rain probability for the next seven days.

In the winter, when the Azores high moves southwards, westerly winds with a little more rain prevail the Mediterranean. The city itself is protected from cold winds that often blow from the Pyrenees across Catalonia by the mountains near Barcelona. Therefore, temperatures in Barcelona rarely fall below 0 degrees in the winter. The winter daytime temperatures are about 13 ° C on the average.

Barcelona’s travel months

Winter - December until February

In the winter you will experience mostly cool and rainy weather, although the temperatures rarely fall below 0 ° C. Therefore the weather is ideal for exploring the museums, going out to bars or discos, having dinner at a nice restaurant and for many other events at night.

Especially in the winter there are days with clear air and clear sight. It is worth it to climb the Tibidabo and experience the view up to the Pyrenees, or to attend a balloon trip. Sightseeing tours and guided tours also take place in the winter months.


Starting in March / April the days start to be notably longer and the temperatures rise. People are attracted to go outside on the streets and to the cafes, although the locals still think it is relatively cool outside.

In the early spring it is pretty quiet, the sights are relatively empty. It’s a good time to explore the museums, but also to go outside and attend sightseeing tours. However, it can get quite cold at night, during the day temperatures can rise towards 20 ° C. Usually, there are only a few rainy days.

Early Summer - May and June

Famous travel months are May and June, when the temperatures rise and people are attracted to be outside. Extremely hot days are uncommon, the temperatures are pleasant. In the end of June, the beaches start to become busy, although the ocean is too cold to bathe for most people.

The convertible busses open up their third in the winter closed line. It is the perfect weather for sightseeing tours and the spring makes itself felt in the parks. It is nice to be outside during this time of the year. It is still quite cool at night, but light between-season wear should be enough.

Midsummer - July and August

The midsummer months July and August are relatively hot with an average temperature of 28 ° C. Barcelona is a little more quiet around this time, because many people go to the beach or adjourn to their houses. Some restaurants, museums and stores are closed for vacation or have shorter business hours. However there are a lot of festivals and open air events during this time.

During midsummer it is often hot and sometimes humid outside. Whoever cannot bear that should visit museums or buildings during the midday heat and preferably go outside in the late afternoon. The locals celebrate Siesta during this time of the day, starting at 17:00 the city starts to become alive again. You can sit outside until late at night.

Our tours in the morning are earlier during the midsummer to avoid the midday heat.

Autumn - September and October

In September the temperature of the ocean is still comfortable, so that bathing is still possible. The outdoor temperature also moves between 22 and 25 ° C.

During the night it starts getting cooler again, however you can still sit outside. The autumn provides pleasant temperatures for sightseeing tours or guided tours. You can spend cloudy days with a trip to the museum.

Late autumn - November

In November you can still experience some sunny days. However it’s raining more often and it gets quite cold at night. In Barcelona rain mainly means scattered showers, and less constant rain.

You should probably take an umbrella or a rain jacket for sightseeing tours. The late fall is the perfect time to go out at night, next to the winter.

The travel periods of Barcelona

Balanced climate
Barcelona has a temperate Mediterranean climate: In the summer warm, sometimes hot, in the winter rarely very cold days. Many outdoor activities are definitely possible. Often you can sit outside in outdoor cafes even in the winter.

Attractive also in winter
Especially in the winter, a balloon ride is particularly appealing. Due to the cold air, the balloon rises higher and can stay in the air longer. The view is especially beautiful because of the clear air.