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Barcelona currently

Barcelona's traditional festivals and modern events

In our section "Barcelona currently" we describe traditional and modern events events that are important in Barcelona, their backgrounds and their charm. Each year thousands of visitors come to Barcelona to experience these events.

Christmas and New Year's Eve in Barcelona

Christmas, New Year's Eve and Epiphany

The Christmas season in Catalonia begins on 8 December, and has its culminating on 6 January, where it ends. Here we explain what is going on with the peculiar practice of "shitting uncles" in Catalan nativity scenes, and on Christmas, New Year and Epiphany is celebrated in Barcelona. We inform you on the opening hours and much more.

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How Barcelona celebrates its Carnival

Carnival in Barcelona

“El Carneval” is celebrated in Barcelona as in other Central European countries. You may wear fancy dress and there are carnival arrangements processions, which are nearly as colourful as in Cologne or Mainz, and the pubs are crowded.

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Half Marathon 2018

Half Marathon 11 February 2018 - Mitja Marató de Barcelona

The half-marathon in Barcelona, also known as the Mitja Marató de Barcelona, is held every March. It’s the second largest running event in Barcelona next to the Marathon. The next half-marathon takes place on 11 February 2018, and is also open to wheelchair users.

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The Barcelona marathon

The Barcelona Marathon (11 March 2018)

Since 1978 Barcelona has its own city marathon which takes place at the beginning of March (2018 at 11 March). In the run up to this event there is a two day trade fair. The 42,195 km race goes through all of Barcelona's urban area.

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Easter and the Holy Week in Barcelona

Easter 2018 and Semana Santa in Barcelona

Despite its dimensions, Barcelona has kept many of its traditions. You will experience this especially at Easter. There will be religious processions also at central plaza towers, which consist only of people; the so-called “Castells”.

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Sant Jordi – Day of the Book and the Rose

Sant Jordi - Day of the Book and the Rose

Sant Jordi – the day of the patron saint of Catalonia and day of the Book and Rose is on the 23rd of April. On this day it is common to give away books and roses. We also describe the legend of the Santa Geog (Jordi).

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Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix

Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix (12 - 14 May 2018)

The Formula 1 Grand Prix on the race track of Montmeló near Barcelona is THE motorsport event in Spain. With the Spanish Grand Prix on 12-14 May 2017, the F1 season starts traditionally in Europe. You will find important information about the race track and and how to book tickets.

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19th Sónar Festival 2013 in Barcelona

25th Sónar Festival 2018 (June 15, 16, 17)

The Sónar takes place in Barcelona since 1997, usually at the third weekend of June, and is one of the most renowned festivals of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art. It is the largest event of its kind in Europe. The Sónar Festival most certainly is one of the highlights of Barcelona's music calendar.

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The celebrations of the holiday Sant Joan in Barcelona

Sant Joan, St. John's Eve from the night of the 23 to the 24 of June

Sant Joan on 24 June, day of St. John, is for many people part of the most important holidays in Barcelona. Two special events are celebrated: St. John's birthday - the patron saint of Catalonia - and the summer solstice, which is the shortest night of the year and the calendric beginning of the summer.

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The Festes de la Mercè in Barcelona

La Mercè (September 24)

The festival La Mercè is the largest and most colourful festival in the city's festival calendar and the absolute climax of Barcelona's event schedule. It is held in honour of the patron saint la Mercè (the Virgin of Mercy) on September 24 each year is the "Fiesta Mayor" - the main festival - of Barcelona.

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