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Tablao Cordobes - Flamenco show and delicious buffet

Experience high-class artists

The Flamenco Cordobes opened as early as in 1970 and showed the first flamenco shows in Barcelona. The Flamenco performed here is at the highest artistic level. A foundation makes sure that only well known names of the flamenco scene and over-average talented young artists perform in the about every 2-3 months changing shows. It's because of the foundation, that despite the international audience an original Flamenco is alleged in the Tablao Cordobes, that doesn't reprobate into an unambitious show.

  • Professional flamenco show with names known in the flamenco scene and above-average talented young artists.
  • Duration about 70 minutes.
  • The shows change every 2-3 months.
  • Show with dinner: welcome cocktail and high-quality buffet with over 60 specialties
  • Show with drink: a drink from a selection of cold drinks, beer, wine and sangria, as well as soft drinks
  • In the last 10 minutes of the show you will have the opportunity to take pictures

The shows take place daily (except 31 December).

1 November - 14 March

  • Tapas & Show 17:15
  • Dinner & Show 18:45, 20:30, 22:00
  • Show & Drink 18:30, 20:15, 22:00, 23:30

15. March - 31. October

  • Tapas & Show 17:05
  • Dinner & Show 18:00, 19:30, 21:15, 22:30
  • Show & Drink 17:50, 19:15, 21:00, 22:30, 23:45

Please arrive about 10 minutes before the beginning of each event and bring the printed voucher with you.

The atmosphere is good here: dancers and musicians perform in a hall modelled on an andalusian vaulted cellar.
As dinner, you have a wide selection of a buffet with about 65 components of home made typical Spanish Andalusian kitchen. The drinks are served by extremely attentive waiters.

Included goods and services

  • Show with dinner:
    Welcome drink: Sangria with citrus fruits, wine from Priorat and berry fruit foam, cocktail made of different juices with berry fruit foam
    : Selected olives with rosemary (CATALUNYA); vegetables with eatable flowers and eatable sand (ANDALUCIA); Iberian Ham cut in front of the guests by a professional cutter and ham expert; Paper cornet with fresh marinated shark with lime mayonnaise (Cádiz and Balears); warm churros with home made hot chocolate (Madrid);
    Cold dishes: Skewer with homemade tortilla and peppers "Padron" (pimientos del padrón, Basque Country); Skewer with tuna, egg and peppers Piquillo (pimientos del piquillo, Basque Country); Skewer with falafel mint chutney and dried tomatoes (Basque Country).
    Salads or small appetizers: Russian salad, endive salad and oil caviar (Madrid); octopus flavored with peppers (Pimentón de la Vera, Galicia); Seafood salad with shrimp mayonnaise and salmon roe (Galicia); Antiox salad with berries, goat cheese and seeds ( Asturias); Avocado salad with tomatoes; corn cookies as a side dish (Canary Islands); Cheese plate with various cheese (Urki cheese, dried apricots, pink pepper, goat cheese with rosemary, Chedar, Gouda); seasonal vegetables with Romesco sauce (Catalonia)
    Skewers: flavored with smoked salmon and seasonal fruit with lime (Cantabria)
    Gazpacho: with skewer of cherry tomatoes and basil oil (Andalusia)
    Hot meals presented as a tasting buffet:
    Valencian Seafood Paella (Valencia)
    Vegetable paella with pepper (Pimenton de la Vera) and olive oil (Extremadura)
    Catalan cannelloni with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes (Catalonia)
    Catalan macaroni au gratin with bechamel sauce and poultry sausage (Catalonia)
    Meat: Chicken roulade with candied fruit with cinnamon and Catalan sauce (Catalonia)
    Veal with Priorat wine (Catalonia)
    Turkey ossobuco with vegetables and saffron potatoes (La Mancha)
    Fish: Catalan style baked cod with garlic cream sauce
    Ratatouille with fresh salmon and basil oil (Murcia)
    Gaudí mullet with vegetable mosaic (Catalonia)
    Side dishes: potato gratin with cheese and vegetables (Asturias)
    Roasted vegetables of the season with herbs and homemade Romesco sauce (Catalonia)
    Basmati and Jasmine rice with cardamom and cinnamon (International)
    Desserts: Miniature macarons, chocolate fondue with fruit and sweets, Canarian banana puffs with chocolate, Traditional Catalan cream with burnt caramel layer (Crema Catalana) with Carquinyolis (almond biscotti), berry cake with cream, ice cream in different flavors, miniature muffins filled with chocolate or caramel, homemade chocolate truffles, grandmother's sponge cake.
    Beverages: red wine Ermita de Brugués for Tablao Flamenco Cordobés, white wine Ermita de Brugués draft beer, sangria, soft drinks, coffee, tea selection (all inclusive)
  • Booking show and drink:
    There's a choice of cold beverages, beer wine and sangria as well as non alcoholic beverages.

Directions to Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

The Tablao Flamenco Cordobes is right on the Rambla, near the Plaza Real. It is well served by public transport and easily reached by foot. You will receive detailed directions with your booking confirmation.
The surrounding area is particularly suitable for going out after the show.

Why visit the flamenco show at the Tablao Cordobes

Although flamenco is not a typical Catalan tradition, flamenco is also being shown in bars and smaller clubs. As with the tapas, culture from other parts of Spain is taken over and integrated here.
The Tablao Cordobes is run by a foundation dedicated to promoting the original Flamenco. At Tablao Cordobes you will experience a flamenco, as it is also shown in Andalusia, the artists are well-known personalities, but also above-average talented young artists show their skills here.

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Excerpt from the flamenco show at Tablao Cordobes

Flamenco Stars on stage: JOSE MAYA, ANTONIO "EL FARRU", ALFONSO LOSA (11.2014)