Weather Forecast for Barcelona

Weather forecast for Barcelona and the most important facts about the climate

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Climatic data for Barcelona

What is the climate in Barcelona? What kind of weather can you expect in different seasons?

As a coastal city located on the Mediterranean, Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate. This means that the climate is mild and balanced. In the summer it is very hot, but not as extreme as it is in the inland. Similarly, the weather in the winter months is rather mild and without any extreme coldness. The cold winter winds from the Pyrenees are detained by the mountains around Barcelona.

The weather forecast for Barcelona

Here you will find the current weather of Barcelona, a weather forecast for the next seven days.

Weather on Weather Rain
29.11.2021 sky is clear 0 mm 9° C 9° C 18 km/h
30.11.2021 broken clouds 0 mm 10° C 10° C 11 km/h
01.12.2021 few clouds 0 mm 12° C 10° C 21 km/h
02.12.2021 broken clouds 0 mm 12° C 10° C 16 km/h
03.12.2021 few clouds 0 mm 10° C 11° C 16 km/h
04.12.2021 sky is clear 0 mm 14° C 10° C 25 km/h
05.12.2021 scattered clouds 0 mm 10° C 9° C 16 km/h