7-days weather forecast for Barcelona

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As a coastal city right on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate. This means that the climate is balanced and mild. Extreme summer heat is rare and Barcelona is protected from the cold winter winds from the Pyrenees by the Conserolla Mountains.

The weather forecast for Barcelona

Here you will find the current weather of Barcelona, a weather forecast for the next seven days.

Weather on Weather Rain
21.06.2024 light rain 1.68 mm 25° C 21° C 22 km/h
22.06.2024 few clouds 0 mm 24° C 21° C 18 km/h
23.06.2024 light rain 1.98 mm 20° C 20° C 29 km/h
24.06.2024 light rain 3.83 mm 23° C 22° C 17 km/h
25.06.2024 scattered clouds 0 mm 24° C 22° C 27 km/h
26.06.2024 light rain 2.22 mm 23° C 20° C 16 km/h
27.06.2024 light rain 7.59 mm 22° C 18° C 25 km/h

Climatic data for Barcelona

What is the climate in Barcelona? What kind of weather can you expect in different seasons? You'll find the information here:

In spring it quickly gets pleasantly warm, autumn is very mild, especially for guests from the north the temperatures are still pleasant, even to sit outside.

The water has pleasant water temperatures for swimming from July to the end of September. It's fine in June when the water is a little cooler.

What to do in Barcelona when it rains?

Especially in the winter months it also happens in Barcelona: it can rain. Sometimes the rains are very heavy and the rainy weather can last a whole day. Bringing waterproof clothing is a good idea during the winter months. However, the hawkers offer the right umbrellas as soon as it starts to rain. However, longer periods of bad weather are rare.

Although it's rare, it's good to know that there's a lot to do in Barcelona even when the weather is "bad". Check out the many countless interesting historical buildings in Barcelona. Or one of the many exciting museums. We offer tickets with which you are not bound by time and can experience something in Barcelona whatever the weather.

A few nice-weather tours

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