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Port Vell

Discover the charm of the Old Port and its many leisure activities

Do you want sea? Wonderful, because Barcelona has so much to offer for all lovers of maritime: the miles of beach promenade, the Olympic port with its pleasure boats, the view from Montjuic on container terminals and cruise ships ... Another highlight begins in the old town by the Columbus statue and extends to the Barceloneta district: Port Vell, the Old Port.

The history of the port dates back to the 4th century BC, when the Laietani, who settled in the area at that time, began to trade by sea. The first port facility, which could provide ships with protection against storms and waves, was, however, only successfully built in the 15th century. In the course of the urban renewal for the 1992 Olympic Games, the area of ​​the Old Port was finally completely renovated. Instead of old factories and fallow land, it now houses modern piers and berths, beautiful promenades and numerous tourist attractions.

The entrance gate, coming from the monument of Columbus, form the impressive buildings of the port administration and the customs authority - the latter is currently being extensively restored. Just in between are the moorings for the "Golondrinas", the boats that depart several times a day for entertaining harbor cruises - including a spectacular view from the water to the skyline of the city. But it's also worth exploring Port Vell on foot. As an extension of the Rambla leads next to the "Golondrinas" a jetty over the water - the Rambla del Mar. It has a wooden floor, which is mounted in a slightly curved shape and is thus reminiscent of the waves of the Mediterranean. If you're lucky, the Rambla del Mar is even on the move: if necessary, it is pushed apart in the middle so that sailboats with tall masts can drive through. Always a fascinating spectacle!

At the end of the Rambla del Mar, on a sort of peninsula, is the Maremagnum - a striking glass shopping center open seven days a week, with several restaurants and bars. Other popular leisure attractions next door are the IMAX Cinema and Aquarium, Europe's largest and most important marine science museum of the Mediterranean. For a thrill, the walk through an 80-meter underwater tunnel, while sharks swim around one ...

Those who continue on the peninsula can admire numerous sailboats and luxury yachts on both sides, which have their moorings here. Just before you reach the main street, Passeig de Colom, on your right, rises the beautifully landscaped Palau del Mar, home to the Museum of Catalan History - the building almost forms the border between Port Vell and the Barceloneta district.

Returning to the Columbus statue, you can reach the Moll de la Fusta pier - unmistakable are the colorful sculptures of pop art artist Roy Lichtenstein and the gold-glittering gamba by artist Javier Mariscal, both popular photo opportunities. Worthwhile here is another detour to the water, more precisely to the historic sailing ship Santa Eulàlia. It is a schooner from 1918, lovingly restored by the Barcelona Maritime Museum and declared a Cultural Interest of National Interest in 2011.

At the end should it be high again? Then head to the Columbus statue and enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view - the city is here at your feet!

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