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Car parking

Park your car, use public transport

As previously mentioned: It is an adventure to drive a car in Barcelona! We strongly advise you not to discover Barcelona by car. Parking places are rare, multi-storey car parks are expensive and even minor parking offences will result in your car being impounded. The cost can quickly run into several hundred euros. On the site “Public transport” you will find all possibilities on how to move around Barcelona.

Mobility in Barcelona

One good advice is to leave your car in Barcelona and to use a well-developed public transport.

Car parks in Barcelona

On numerous public parking garages and parking lots, you have the opportunity to park your vehicle. Parking places directly at the sights are rare, and if existing often occupied. Cars get towed away even with small parking violations.

Bus station Estació del Nord
The multi-storey car park is located at the crossways of Avda Milanoya and C. De Nápolis. Only a few meters away from the car park is the metro station „Arc de Triomf“ with the line L1. Parking at the Estació del Nord costs €2.81 per hour and €16.85 for 24 hours.

Plaça de les Glòries
Likewise, in a very good location is the multi-storey car park at the Place de les Glòries. The car park is located at the crossing of three big streets; the Avinguda Diagonal, the Gran Vea de les Corts Catalanes and the Avinguda Meridiana. Parking up to six hours costs €6.10 and from 6 to 24 hours €18.40. A few meters south of Avinguda Meridiana, you will find the Glòries metro station.

On the web page of the multi-storey operator B:SM you will find more information and a journey description.

The special "parking service"

A very special "service" will provide you the B:SM, if your car is in a parking ban or even on a disabled parking space: it will be towed! It is fast and is very expensive for the driver. Where you can pick up your vehicle, please visit the website of the B: SM.

Other car parks in Barcelona
The B:SM company operates about 46 car parks all over Barcelona. Here you find an overview of the multi-storey car parks.

City Centre
Also you have pay about 15€ for the multiple storey car parks in the city centre. A lot of them are quite tight with sharp angles, therefore it is possible that you have some space problems with a big car.

Long-term parking

With the so-called P-8 you can park for 8 days for €75. Which car parks offer P:8 and long terme rates can be found on the website of the B:SM.

Disabled Parking
Public disabled parking spaces, green and blue parking spaces and loading and unloading zones can be used free of charge (identification must be visible). But there are restrictions on maximum parking duration, which are signposted.
In the B:SM public car parks, there are disabled parking spaces, but regular fees must be paid. Car parks operated by private providers often have a disabled parking space, which is also subject to parking fees. Parking in a second row, occupying two parking spaces or parking on footpaths is not allowed.

Parking with the camper
In Barcelona, the B:SM operates a number of parking spaces also for campers.

Reservation of parking spaces you can make here

Enough space for a camper can also be found at the Olympic Stadium on the Montjuïc, but the on-street parking is not guarded. Here are several stops for buses for sightseeing tours.
Do you need a supply and disposal, so you can reach the campgrounds to the north or south of the city fastest. Simply driving along the coastal road to the next campsite. Barcelona itself has no campsites.

Parking a bus or truck

In Barcelona, the B: SM offers five public parking spaces for buses and one for trucks.

All parking is guarded. The night rate of 21-9:00 is approximately € 20.00 for a bus and the 24-ticket to € 40.00.
Here you will find the bus and truck parking areas on the map of the B:SM.

Parking at the hotel

Many hotels in Barcelona are offering their own private car park or garage. Prices are around 15 € per day.Some hotel use the public parking nearby. Please, refer to the heading "Parking" at the hotel description. You'll get an overview of hotels with parking when you click the option "parking" at our hotel search.

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