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Emergency assistance

Phone numbers and addresses for use in an emergency

In a case of emergency it is useful to have a couple of phone numbers and addresses. The numbers of police emergency, fire and ambulance you should know not only at home but also in Barcelona. Call for help, even if someone other should need assistance.

Nationwide emergency numbers

Police, ambulance, fire brigade: 112
Police: 091
Local Police: 092
Fire brigade: 080
Accident / Ambulance: 061

English-speaking police officers: +34 932 903 000 (police headquarters), Via Laietana 43

Tourist Police departments

  • Nou de la Rambla, Tel: +34 932 902 844
  • Rambla 43, Tel: +34 932 902 845
  • Metro Plaza Catalunya, Tel: +34 934 121 469
  • Central Station Sants, Tel: +34 932 905 231
  • Port Barceloneta, c / Juan de Borbon 64, Tel: +34 932 240 600

How to enter your complaint online

You also have the opportunity to state your complaint via Internet. For that you will find entry forms available in different languages, including English. NB. Within 72 hours of your complaint online you have to have signed your complaint in person at one of the Police Departments. Thus the form is not a substitute for your trip to the police station.
Here you will find the online complaint form.

Lost & Found items

Ayuntamiento de Barcelona
Oficina de Troballes
Plaça Carles Pi i Sunyer, 8-10
Opening hours: Mo. - Fr. 9 - 14.00 
Tel: +34 934 132 026
Fax: +34 934 132 031

Medical Emergency

Hospital Clinico, Calle Casanova, 143
Tel +34 934 546 000

Dental Emergencies

Amesa, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes
680 (Metro: Passeig de Gracia)
Tel: +34 933 026 682
Mo.-fr. 9.30-13.30 and 15-18.30

Addresses of English speaking doctors are to be asked for at the reception of your hotel or at your consulate.

Towing agency

Private cars are not allowed to tow others
+34 933 547 999

Automobile clubs

RACC - Reial Automobile Club de Catalunya: +34 902 151 080
The RACC is member of the International Association and can give you the emergancy number of your automobile club.

The phone numbers of the German ADAC, the Austrian ÖAMTC and the Touring Club of Swizzerland you will find on our German side.

Barring credit cards

Service and emergency centre for Mastercard and VISA: 
MasterCard: 001 - 63 67 22 71 11
Visa: 001 - 410 581 3836

Visa Card: In Spain: 900-99-1124

Barring of mobile phones

Ask before you travel at your phone company.

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