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Medical care

Doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in Barcelona

Finally the holiday arrives. The joy of the journey abroad is great. However, one should not forget that the holiday could be tarnished or that the business trip does not quite run that smoothly, due to an upset stomach or an injury.

Under spanish law, legally insured patients can also make claims for allowances abroad - as far as medically necessary. For example, medical treatment or hospital treatment.

If you are an EU citizen or resident, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows you to receive state-provided healthcare in any of the other EU countries as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. These cards can be obtained from your health insurance. Also, you have to show your identity card.

If you are a Non-EU-resident you need a Schengen Travel Visa Ensurance. More information how to optain you can find on the page we linked.

Medical treatment in Barcelona

If you need a doctor, go to a public health agency: Advice Centre (consultorio), ambulance (ambulatorio), health centre (centro de salud) or a hospital. If a specialist is needed, you must be referred to by a general practitioner (GP).
Please note, that the costs of dental treatment are yours.

Also, should you need hospital treatment, you will be referred to by the doctor.

Telephone number: please refer to the emergency numbers page.

Drugs and pharmacies

Drugs are available on prescription at the pharmacy. In general, a supplement of 40% is necessary, except for pensioners.


If you had to pay for the medical attendance, you must display this on a receipted bill and on which the benefits are listed in detail. Your health insurance then examines the eligibility.

International health insurance

The statutory health insurance recommends foreign health insurance. Certain services are not accepted by health insurance companies, such as a medical retransformation, even if it is medically necessary, as well as a free choice of doctor.

Work Incapacity

You are entitled to receive continued remuneration, even if the work incapacity occurs in Spain. Ask for a certificate of disability and inform your employer immediately about entry and duration. For further details, please contact your health insurance.

Further queries

For further questions, please contact your health insurance.
The benefits of being privately insured are to be withdrawn from the insurance conditions or you may simply contact your private health insurance company.