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Wine and beer tasting

Catalonia is the second largest wine region of Spain - taste different wines and beers

Wine has been grown in Catalonia for over 2,000 years. Today Catalonia with 60,000 hectares of vineyards in Spain is the second largest wine region. In addition, there are over 30,000 hectares of vineyards on which grapes are grown for the cava. After all, 90% of the Cavas produced in Spain come from the growing areas of Catalonia. In Catalonia there are 12 designation of origin (Denominació d’Origen, called D.O. for short).

The wine and beer tastings

Walking Tour with Local Tapas and Wine Tastings

Walking Tour with Local Tapas and Wine Tastings

  • Enjoy the best dishes and drinks that Barcelona has to offer. Let yourself be guided through the picturesque old town by an expert guide and try a variety of delicious tapas with a selection of wine, cava and wormwood.
  • Classic drinks, including wine, sangria, wormwood and cava
  • You visit 4 different locations
  • Duration approx. 3 hours
Wine Tasting: Catalan and Spanish Wines

Wine Tasting: Catalan and Spanish Wines

  • Taste the different wines from Catalonia and Spain with a wine tasting in the heart of Barcelona. Learn more about the various grapes, get tips on tasting techniques and enjoy wines together with snacks.
  • Learn more about the different wine regions of Spain
  • Get tips on the techniques of wine tasting
  • 3 or 5 wines from the region (depending on the booked option), table water
  • Sommelier guide, tips for combining wines with snacks
  • Tips on restaurants and wine bars
  • Duration approx. 1-1.5 hours
Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience with a Sommelier

Wine & Cheese Pairing Experience with a Sommelier

  • Tasting in a small group
  • Enjoy a 1.5-hour tasting in Barcelona; A real festival for the senses. Taste 5 local wines and 5 regional cheeses with a sommelier.
  • Find out more about local wine production and the tasting of a sommelier
  • Taste 5 wines and 5 cheeses, accompanied by homemade bread and olive oil
  • Enjoy your tasting in a small group in a private tasting room
  • 3 or 5 wines and cheeses from the region (depending on the booked option), table water
  • Experienced sommelier
  • Duration approx. 1.5 hours
Tapas & Wine, Private Tour in Traditional Taverns

Tapas & Wine, Private Tour in Traditional Taverns

  • Private Group
  • Taste a selection of tapas, combined with wines and cava, in 5 local bars and taverns, far from the tourist flows. Visit two of the most beautiful quarter of Barcelona while your private travel guide shows you what it is like to be Catalan for an evening.
  • Hold on 5 traditional bars
  • Enjoy a varied selection of traditional tapas and pintxos
  • Try 4 glasses from the region and 1 glass of Cava, 4 tapas
  • Find out more about Catalan gastronomy and wine traditions
  • Duration approx. 3 hours
Beer Tasting Guided Walking Tour

Beer Tasting Guided Walking Tour

  • Explore the Barcelona Craft Brew scene on this guided beer tasting tour. Discover different quarter of Barcelonas with an expert guide.
  • 8 Spanish beers for tasting, visiting the Moritz brewery
  • Visit of 3 local taverns
  • Duration about 3.5 hours, small group
Private Pinxto and Wine Tasting Tour with a Local

Private Pinxto and Wine Tasting Tour with a Local

  • Tasting in a private group
  • Taste wines and pintxos (small, tapas-like snacks) on a private 2-hour tasting and wine tour through Barcelona with a resident. Learn to distinguish the small snacks from tapas in 4 locations in some of the hottest quarters in the city.
  • Taste the typical Spanish Pintxos together with regional wines
  • Find out more about the local wine-growing traditions
  • Explore the pulsating districts of Sant Antoni and Poble Sec in Barcelona
  • 4 wines and 4 pintxos
  • Duration about 2 hours
Guided Food Tour & Wine Tasting

Guided Food Tour & Wine Tasting

  • Explore the gastronomic center of Catalonia on a culinary tour through Barcelona. Taste some local tapas and discover popular Spanish and Catalan wines.
  • Find out more about the Catalan cooking and wine culture
  • Taste tapas and enjoy a wine and cava tasting
  • Gourmet tour through Barcelona's city center and old town with a professional guide
  • Tapas and wine tasting with 8 glasses of wine
  • Duration about 4 hours, small group

In the past two decades, young committed winemakers in particular have improved the quality of the wines at a top level. Depending on the scenic and climatic conditions, each growing area produces wines with its own personality. Anyone who got a taste with a drop may want to look around for him on site. Countless winery invite you to visit and - how could it not be otherwise - for tasting. Some of the winery are real Art Nouveau cathedrals, others attract wine museums.

Why participate in a wine or beer tasting

In the Catalonia wine region you will find 12 cultivation areas (Denominació d’Origen, D.O.), all of which have a different climate and different soils. This is how you experience wines with very own characters. With a wine tasting, you can experience the tastes of the wines and assign them to the regions.

The Cava - of which around 90% are produced in Catalonia - is also something very special. You also taste the differences of many varieties of Cava. You will also learn a lot of interesting facts about the exciting topic of wine cultivation.

Beer is also brewed in Barcelona. In addition to the large brewer Damm that almost exports all over the world, there are many small and local breweries whose beers can be enjoyed here in Barcelona. Above all, it is also worth a visit to the Moritz brewery, which was built in an old factory with modern technology.