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El Born Culture and Memory Center (CCM)

History comes alive here: an exciting journey into Barcelona's past

Opened in 2013, El Born CCM is much more than "just" a museum: visitors can immerse themselves in the life of Barcelona around 1700. The well-preserved remains of buildings from this period are housed in a beautiful, lavishly restored market hall from 1876 Market Hall forms the centerpiece of El Born, one of Barcelona's most popular neighborhoods. Visitors can stroll through the impressive archaeological site during an entertaining tour - including exciting background knowledge and entertaining anecdotes.

Our recommendation for the El Born CCM

  • The closest bus stop to Bus Turístic is a short walk from El Born CCM
  • Free entry with the Barcelona Card


Exhibition and excavation site of the CCM

Come in and discover! The El Born CCM invites you to take a tour of the Barcelona of the early modern period. It houses a unique archaeological site with remains of houses, which were destroyed after the end of the Spanish War of Succession in 1714 for the construction of a citadel.

The recommended 90-minute guided tour starts in the Villaroel room, which houses the permanent exhibition of the archaeological site. Here are the personal belongings of the former residents shown, including dishes, weapons, jewelry and toys. In total, over 10,000 objects were found during the excavations, through which one learns a lot about their former owners. Most were well-to-do artisans and merchants trading. Particularly exciting: By means of models, in this room one compares what Barcelona looked like before the construction of the citadel in 1700 - and how radically the city has changed as a result of the construction: around 17 (!) Percent of the city area was demolished for the construction.

A tour of the remains of the barcelona back then forms the second part of the tour. One learns which families lived here, what they did for a living and how they spent their free time. For example, remnants of a casino were found, including dice for (actually forbidden) dice games. The remains of a bakery oven and a distillery can also be seen here, as well as an advanced toilet for the time: with access to a sewer. It's really fascinating how alive history becomes in this place - a feeling that lasts long after the tour.

Good to know: Even those who do not want to book a guided tour can visit the impressive archaeological site - admission to the market hall is free. However, you can see the remains only from above, information can be obtained through attached display boards or on request by a paid audio guide (3 euros).

History of the El Born CCM in Barcelona

The impression from the outside is: Wow! The imposing market hall of El Born is the first major construction of its kind in Barcelona and impresses with the cast-iron architecture in the modernist style. It was built by Josep Fontserè i Mestre, 1876, the first market took place here. In 1970, the market was relocated and the building gradually neglected - until 1979, the first restoration measures took place. Afterwards, there were many debates about the future use of the hall. It was only in the 90s that the decision was made: a library should move into the building.

During excavations for the reconstruction were found the first remains of houses from the Middle Ages and the early modern times as well as objects of the inhabitants. Immediately new discussions about the use of buildings started. The voices, which wanted to preserve the excavations and turn it into a walk-in exhibition space, became louder and louder - until 2003 the implementation began. In 2013, the El Born CCM was opened. Today, the excavation site covers around 8,000 m², in addition to exhibition halls and a museum shop. There are also many cultural events such as concerts or theater performances. The El Born CCM is not only a window to the city's past, but also a modern meeting place of the present.

Extra tip: You want to let the intense impressions sag after the tour? Only a few meters from the El Born CCM is the Park de la Ciutadella, about whose role you have heard in connection with the archaeological site during the tour much interesting: A beautiful park and oasis of peace in the city. Here you can take a break, relax - and plan your next highlight for your Barcelona stay.

Why visit El Born CCM?

Visitors are right there in the thick of things - they are not just spectators from afar, but can walk through the unique archaeological site during a guided tour - and imagine as easily as Barcelona looked around 1700. Together with the interesting exhibition of objects that were found during the excavations, the everyday life of the former inhabitants comes to life again. In short, a fascinating journey through time that entertains visitors with an important part of Barcelona's history and development in an entertaining way.

Tickets for the CCM museum

  • Barcelona Card: Free use of public transport, free entry to the CC;, many free and discounted entries to attractions
  • Culinary tour in the Born district

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