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Museu de Cera - wax museum (MCB)

Waxworks in Barcelona

The time of the lockdowns was used to redesign the Museu de Cera Barcelona and to create even more realistic wax figures with new technology. Often the figures are so similar to the original that one would not be surprised if they suddenly moved.

In the New Wax Figure Museum, only a few meters away from the Rambla, over 360 figures of famous personalities and protagonists of well-known films such as Pirates of the Caribbean impress the visitors.

Each of the 28 halls of the Barcelona Wax Figure Museum has its own focus. You will see personalities from Spanish-Catalan and European history, internationally known greats such as Barak Obama, Lionel Messi, Albert Einstein, Brad Pitt, Greta Thunberg, Jack Nicholson, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Stephen Hawking and many more.
Famous film personalities are also given a broad space: Capain Jack Sparrow from "The Curse of the Caribbean", the various protagonists from "Star Wars" and Arthur Fleck from "Joker".

You begin the tour through the world of wax figures in the magnificent hall on the ground floor. Have your camera ready, photography is expressly encouraged.

The first room after the lobby is the Barcelona Hall. Here you can experience the personalities of the history of Barcelona up close and in time lapse. The former vault of the old bank of Barcelona and at the time the best guarded room is now the target of thieves from all over the world. So is the name of this room: cops and thieves.

If you continue to follow the tour through the museum, you will be shocked by the famous film character King Kong in the Jungle and Kong halls. The stairwell, which was dedicated to Catalonia and its culture, is more humane. Here you have the opportunity to see the castellers, the human towers, in life size with their exhausting tower construction: The castell extends over several human floors. Really impressive.

The fact that the new wax figure museum is devoted to more current topics is shown in the "The Depth of the Sea" room, which is committed to the preservation of this unique habitat, and the "Climate Crisis" room, in which you can deal with the consequences of climate change. Or you just say hello to the icon of the fight for better protection of our climate, Greta Thunberg.

You can then see our planet from space from a space station, and you can also go on an excursion into the vastness of the universe one hall further.

The first floor continues with the hall "Homage to Catalonia", that is how far the castellers from the ground floor reach up. If the Catalonia area is still unknown to people but is dedicated to a world-famous cultural achievement, in the other rooms on this level you will be confronted mainly with famous personalities: musicians such as Freddie Mercury, Elton John; Scientists like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking; Artists like Salvador Dalí or Pablo Picasso; Actors like Brad Pitt, Jack Nicholson, Jonny Depp or Tom Hanks along with their movie characters.

The Museu de Cera describes cooking as the eighth art movement. You can watch famous chefs at work here.

On the top floor it gets a bit scary, but not only. It starts with the legend "Ice and Fire", then "Good and Devilish People", followed by the hall where famous athletes greet you. Above all, of course, Lionel Messi, the unforgettable star of FC Barcelona. In the "Allee des Terrors" you will be confronted with less friendly contemporaries - historical and current.

Magic and technology come together in the "avenue of interaction". A friendly Frankenstein is your shadow and the ground moves with your steps. Let yourself be surprised.

Waxworks museum building, the former bank of Barcelona

The museum is located in the small square that can be reached from the southern part of the Ramblas through the small street Passatge de la Banca. There is a striking ticket kiosk on the Rambla, of course with a wax figure. You can get tickets from a real seller in the museum or here on this website. The magnificent building, which has housed the Museu de Cera since 1973, was built in 1867 as a representative building for the general credit bank "El Comercio".

The renovation of the former bank building was led by the architect and set designer Enrique Alarcón. His experience clearly benefited the presentation of the figures. The museum was redesigned as part of the corona lockdowns. It sees itself as a museum of the 21st century, modern, interactive and the visitors have a lot of fun. At the same time, however, the charm of the historic palace has been preserved.

Especially with children you will have fun in this waxworks.

Special tip: after visiting the museum, go to Café Bosc de les Fades around the corner. You will feel like you are in a romantic fairytale world.

Tickets for the Wax Museum

  • Book the admission to the wax museum here
  • Barcelona Card: reduced admission to the museum

Important information

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Passatge de la Banca, 7
Phone: +34 933 172 649

Metro: Drassanes (L3)
Bus Turístic: Colom - Museu Marítim
Parking nearby

Opening times
Daily 10.00 - 19.00

Adults: €20.00
Children 6-16 years: €16.00
65+: €17.00
Children up to 5 years: free admission
Disabled people: €17.00
With the Barcelona Card 20% discount on admission.

Tips on visiting the Museu de Cera

For the museum you should schedule about 1 hour. Do not forget to visit the" El Bosc de les Fades" café, just a few steps from the wax museum.

The museum is fully accecible for wheelchair users.