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Tickets for FC Barcelona home matches season 2021/2022 at Camp Nou

Book tickets here directly from the official ticket dealer of FC Barcelona

Book here FC Barcelona Tickets for the season 2021/2022 for home matches in Europe's largest stadium, Camp Nou, and experience the superstars Lionel Messi, Suarez, ter Stegen, Piqué and many more live.

We guarantee that the seats are together, the tickets will be sent to you by e-mail for printing or showing on your smartphone.

Highlights of a home game of FC Barcelona

  • Experience the legendary FC Barcelona and its world stars
  • At Camp Nou, the largest football stadium in Europe
  • Member strongest football club in the world, great atmosphere in the stadium

Official Ticket Agent - your benefit

Official ticket agent of FC Barcelona is Official Ticket Agent of the FC Barcelona (ID FCB00BT).

  • Serious and reliable processing of your booking and a competent service
  • Low pre-sale fees, which are already included in the displayed price
  • Tickets will be sent until 48 hours before the game. Tickets can be printed out or presented via smartphone.

Overview of seating categories

  • All places at Camp Nou are seats, the grandstand seats are covered
  • Seats are together in pairs in an automated process (see image below)


Important information about your ticket booking

This section "Important Information" (including the sections Services & Seating, Schedules, Booking, Shipping and Cancellation, etc.) is part of the booking conditions for FC Barcelona tickets.

Services & Seating

Here you can book tickets at the official ticket dealer of FC Barcelona. We guarantee reliable and secure service and favorable ticket prices with a small pre-sale fee and no hidden fees.

  • Seating in pairs in pairs: The seats are at least in pairs together. If there are three tickets booked, at least two will be together, and third place may be elsewhere. If there are four tickets booked, you will be awarded 2 places in pairs.
    The tickets for the games will be awarded in an automated process, on which we have no influence. We can not give any information about the places in advance.
  • Pairwise with each other means: a place next to each other will be prioritized. But the places can also be offset one behind the other or diagonally one behind the other. Also two places with the passage in between and places with a space in between (here you can swap in the stadium) are possible. Please note: "together" usually means, but not always "next to each other" (see above).
  • For Champions League games, a pairwise seating is not possible!
  • The ticket entitles the entry for the booked game on the booked league game day (see notes under "Game dates").

Tickets Camp Nou Tour

  • Flexible tickets will be sent to you immediately after booking via e-mail. Tickets with time binding on the same day. No exchange required.
  • Show with your smartphone or print
  • Free time selection with the Flexible Tickets (exception: until 01.09.19 from 13 clock), but it is quietest after 15 clock in the stadium (except home games)
  • The match dates refer to the match weekend and are only binding after the confirmation of the Spanish League (approx. 10-30 days before the game).
    Example: the date of the game 22.03.2020 (Sunday) indicates the game weekend, which is from 20.03. (Friday) to 23.10. (Monday). FC Barcelona home matches at the weekend normally take place on Saturday or Sunday, very rarely on Fridays or Mondays.
  • For games during the week above note accordingly. The specified dates during the week are usually on Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Confirmed appointments are marked with an asterisk * and the start time
  • Please note the advice we described above when scheduling your trip. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the specified match datess.
Booking information

The booking of the game tickets is very easy:

  • On the right, select the game you want to attend and then enter the number of FC Barcelona tickets. Click on "Add to cart" to continue.
  • No discounted prices (for example for children or students)
  • Unfortunately we do not have tickets for handicapped accessible places available
  • The selling price includes taxes and pre-sale fees, no further hidden fees
  • You will receive a booking confirmation and the confirmed tickets approximately 48 hours before the match

Important notes about sending the game tickets

  • The game tickets will be sent by e-mail to your specified e-mail address 24 to 48 hours before the match. Please print out the tickets (ask at the hotel reception if necessary) or show it with your smartphone. Please make sure that your mailbox has enough space (about 500 kB per ticket).
  • For bookings shortly before the game, we will ship the tickets within a few hours

Important notes for sending tickets for the Camp Nou Tour

  • The tickets will be sent immediately after booking by e-mail (Flexible Tickets)
  • Tickets with time code will be sent to you on the day of booking
  • You can print them out or show them by smartphone at the entrance

General information about sending e-mails of tickets

We will send you the tickets by e-mail. If a ticket does not arrive at you, that is usually due to the spam filter. A not received ticket justifies no refund. We have no influence or insight on your spam filter. It is your responsibility to check your spam filter and let us know if you have not received a ticket. If required, we can also make the shipping to another address.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation of game tickets

  • Even if the tickets are sent 48 hours before the game, a cancellation of game tickets is generally not possible
  • Please note in your travel planning, the advices for the game dates

Cancellation Flexible tickets for the Camp Nou Tour

  • No risk: you can return unused Flexible Tickets on the Camp Nou Tour up to four weeks after booking, but not later than the end of the validity period
  • No cancellation fees

Cancellation Tickets Camp Nou tour with time setting

  • The tickets will be booked for your requested time and therefore can not be canceled
  • If your desired date is no longer possible (for example, because a game is scheduled for the day), you can use the tickets the day before or the day after. A cancellation is then possible up to 48 hours before the appointment.
Additional information about Champions League games
  • Tickets for Champions League matches may not be purchased by persons of nationality of the visiting team
  • At the entrance this can be checked and if necessary the entrance be denied
  • On request we have to pass name, nationality and passport number to the organizer. We will then ask you for this information. If this information can not be presented promptly, tickets can be blocked.
  • Refunds will not be made in the event of refusal of admission or blocking of the ticket
  • By booking the tickets, you confirm that you have mentioned the rules above.
  • These are rules issued by UEFA and the club, we have no control over them
  • Seats in pairs can not be guaranteed in Champions League games

By confirming the booking, you confirm that you have read the above instructions.

Cheap ticket prices for FC Barcelona season 2020/2021

FC Barcelona is one of the world's most widely viewed football clubs. You can buy cheap tickets here on our page. This with a comparatively low pre-sale fee. Booking of tickets is free of charge.

Why attend a home game of FC Barcelona

A home game at Camp Nou is a very special experience - almost 100,000 people cheer on their team. The stadium is very loud! Every mistake or good move is emotionally and vociferously commented on. Being here at Camp Nou and experiencing how Messi and Suarez seem to override natural laws with their ball skills is a goose-quack experience. Even non-football fans are sure to be captivated by the atmosphere at Camp Nou.

The Camp Nou - although the stadium is so huge - is usually sold out, an advance booking provides security and we offer pairs of adjacent seats.

Therefore buy FC Barcelona tickets on

  • We are official ticket dealer of FC Barcelona: direct sales without intermediaries, legal tickets, low prices
  • Real tickets via e-mail, with which you come directly into the stadium
  • Guaranteed together in pairs places
  • Cheaper prices: Pricing based on the official dealer prices of FC Barcelona. Prices include advance booking fees.
  • No hidden fees during the booking

Frequently asked questions about FC Barcelona 2020/2021 home match tickets

Why do not you still offer tickets for some games?

We basically only offer tickets for games where the club has already set and published the prizes. However, ticket prices are not fixed in advance for the entire season, but only for a few games at a time.

Ticket dealers who already sell tickets for the entire season at the beginning of the season must do so at high mark-ups. A fair calculation of ticket prices is only possible with the published prices.

From when tickets for later games are available, you may find on the right side of this page. We are happy to inform you personally as soon as your game is available. Use our contact form.


Why are your tickets cheaper than other dealers?

Because we only make our calculations with club prices published by the club and therefore we do not have to charge high surcharges. In addition, as an official ticket dealer we get the tickets directly, we do not resell.


Can I book tickets for El Clásico with you?

The game against Real Madrid (El Clásico) is the most watched league game in the world. Accordingly high is the rush for tickets.

We have our own contingent of tickets, which is booked up quickly. Unfortunately, we can not make any reservations for this because we find out the price very quickly.

The ticket prices for the game against Real Madrid are very high, we adapt to market conditions and calculate correspondingly high surcharges.


Why do you guarantee seats together in pairs?

A football game of FC Barcelona at Camp Nou is a special experience. Of course you want to experience that together with your family or friends. Therefore, we offer the places in pairs together.

We will get you the seats together. Places are assigned by an automatic procedure just before the match, ensuring that the seats are in pairs. For this reason, we ship the tickets about 48 hours before the match.

If pairs of seats are not possible, we will book an equivalent or better category - we will cover the extra charge for you.


We are a family, can we have 4 seats side by side?

We guarantee places together in pairs. That 3 or 4 places are side by side is sometimes possible, but we do not guarantee that. We strongly recommend not scheduling this, for example with three small children and one adult only, or two small children and one parent.


When and how do I get the tickets sent?

After booking, you will receive a booking confirmation and a binding booking confirmation within 48 hours later.

We send the tickets via e-mail as a PDF file. Once the tickets have been allocated for you, we will ship the tickets. Shipment is up to 48 hours before the game. You can print out the tickets or show them by smartphone.


Can I get classic paper tickets?

Unfortunately, no. The classic tickets are no longer available and therefore we can no longer offer them. However, all the information you need are printed on the tickets you receive and it can be printed out as a gift, for example.


Will I get the tickets for sure?

After the binding booking confirmation from us the tickets are safe. Please note that tickets will be sent approximately 48 hours before the match even if they have been confirmed.

Should it be foreseeable that there will be no places left together, we will contact you at an early stage. We only give a guarantee once we have sent the booking confirmation.


Who can guarantee that I will come to the stadium with tickets?

We guarantee you that! As an official ticket dealer we do not resell and we receive the ticket directly from the club. With us you can be sure that the tickets have not been sold multiple times over dodgy channels.

A commercial resale of our tickets for a home match of FC Barcelona is only allowed after our approval. In principle, we grant this permission only to travel agencies. Another markup is not allowed. If our tickets are offered to you on other websites or private persons, we do not have the permission to do so and we are not liable for such tickets. If you have booked tickets for friends or relatives and get the ticket price refunded, this is of course no resale.

If you are printing out tickets, you must ensure that the QR code printed on the tickets is legible so that the scanners at the entrance can read them. We do not substitute for illegible barcodes.


Do I have to print the tickets?

No, you can also scan the tickets on the smartphone at the entrance. We still recommend a printout, just to have security with an empty smartphone battery.


Will I be charged further fees?

No, the displayed price is the price at which we sell the ticket. It contains a small pre-sale fee. There are no other fees.


I have seats 12 + 14. I thought, I get places together?

In the stadium, there are either even or odd numbers in the blocks. So places 12 and 14 are side by side, as well as 7 and 9. Also, it may happen that the seats have different block numbers, these are then next to each other. The block boundaries are partially within the stands, between the blocks is no fence or stairs or something like that.


Are there discounted prices for children or students?

There are no discounted ticket prices. Everyone needs a ticket, even if, for example, children are sitting on their parents' lap.


Do you offer tickets for wheelchair users?

Wheelchair users get free seats in the stadium, but the contingent is very limited. These tickets are managed exclusively by FC Barcelona. For inquiries, please contact the club directly.


Can I book tickets for larger groups?

We are happy to provide you with tickets for larger groups. There are different booking conditions.

For bookings of 10 tickets or more, you can contact us in advance to clarify the availabilities in advance.


How do I best come to Camp Nou on match day?
  • By public transport: take the metro stations Les Corts (L3), Collblanc (L5), from there it is about 500 meters to the stadium. Tickets are included in the Barcelona Card or you book the Hola BCN ticket.
  • The Bus Turístic passes directly by the stadium, but you must arrive early because the route is diverted several hours before the match
  • By taxi and car: the journey is difficult because of the heavy traffic and the many people around the stadium. If you arrive early, it is still possible, but there is no parking.
  • Note: There are no lockers at Camp Nou and large bags are not allowed


Are there lockers at the stadium?

No, there are no lockers at the stadium. Larger bags are not allowed. Handbag and smaller backpacks are allowed, but are searched at the entrance control.


Is photography and filming allowed in the stadium?

Yes, you can take photos and videos at the stadium during a game or during the Camp Nou. If you would like to use the photographs commercially, then a license is required. You can get this directly from the club.


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Tickets for home games of FC Barcelona

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  • Official dealer of FC Barcelona. Low pre-sale fees and reliable service
  • Displayed prices include taxes and pre-sale fees
  • Places together in  pairs
  • E-mail tickets: print or show by smartphone

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Schedule and tickets Saison 2021/2022

Dates are for the game day and they are preliminary. Weekend matches can occure on Fridays to Mondays.
All information is subject to change.

  • 18./19.09.2021: Liga Barça vs Granada
  • 25./26.09.2021: Liga Barça vs Levante
  • 16./17.10.2021: Liga Barça vs Valencia
  • 23./24.10.2021: Liga Barça vs Real Madrid
  • 30./31.10.2021: Liga Barça vs Alavés
  • 20./21.11.2021: Liga Barça vs Espanyol
  • 04./05.12.2021: Liga Barça vs Betis
  • 18./19.12.2021: Liga Barça vs Elche
  • 19./20.01.2022: Liga Barça vs R. Vayecano
  • 05./06.02.2022: Liga Barça vs At. Madrid
  • 26./27.02.2022: Liga Barça vs Atl. Club
  • 12./13.03.2022: Liga Barça vs Osasuna
  • 02./03.04.2022: Liga Barça vs Sevilla
  • 16./17.04.2022: Liga Barça vs Cadiz
  • 01.05.2022: Liga Barça vs Mallorca
  • 11./12.05.2022: Liga Barça vs Celta
  • 21./22.05.2022: Liga Barça vs Villareal

* Date confirmed, dates without guarantee
"n.c.": date not confirmed