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Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix (12 - 14 May 2018)

Information on the Race Track, Travelling to Montmeló and Ticket Booking

Traditionally, the racing season in Europe begins with the "Formula One Grand Prix of Spain". The Formula 1 race at the 4.655-kilometres Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona is the motorsport event in Spain.
Here you can book the tickets and get information about the race, the racetrack and how to get to Montmeló.


Included Services

  • On Friday you can use all grandstands (except C and E)
  • With all tickets you can stay in all public areas of the circuit
  • All grandstands and lawns have huge screens where you can watch the race when the cars are not passing by
  • During the race weekend, you can receive a radio broadcast on 94.30 FM on the racetrack


  • Tickets for three days apply to the racetrack on 11th to 13th May 2018
  • Sunday tickets are valid on 13th May 2018

Race Days F1

  • Friday: 11:00 - 12:30, 15:00 - 16:00
  • Saturday: 12:00 - 13:00, 15:00 -16:00 (qualifying)
  • Sunday: from 15:10 (race)
  • Detailed schedule for download

Presale Phase

  • 1st phase with 20% discount: until 29.11.2017
  • 2nd phase with 10% discount: 30.11.2017-28.02.2018
  • 3rd phase with regular price: from 01.03.2018

Booking Information

  • Booking is easy: just enter the desired number of tickets in the respective grandstand
  • The seats are at least in pairs next to each other. We are happy to fulfill your seating requests if that's possible.
  • Please send us an e-mail immediately after booking. We can not give a guarantee that we fulfill special wishes.
  • You can also book parking tickets for car, bus or motorhome at the same time
  • Immediately after booking we will confirm that we received your booking via e-mail
  • Within 48 hours you will receive the tickets by e-mail
  • If your desired tickets are no longer available, we will contact you to figure out if you would like to receive a full refund or if you want to be rebooked to a different grand stand
  • In addition to the terms and conditions of the organizer, the terms and conditions for the purchase of Formula 1 tickets apply

Cancellation Policy

  • The tickets will be selected and booked for you
  • A cancellation is NOT possible
  • If your desired grandstand is fully booked and you do not want a replacement category, you will be reimbursed the full amount paid

We will send you the tickets by e-mail. If you don't have the e-mail in your mailbox, that is usually due to the spam filter. Not receiving the ticket due to the spam filter does not justify a refund. We have no influence or insight on your spam filter. It is your responsibility to check your spam filter and let us know if you have not received a ticket, so we can also send it to another email address if needed.

Formula 1 in Spain

Traditionally, the Formula 1 season in Europe begins in Barcelona / Montmelló.

Since 1991 Formula 1 races have been held at the Circuit de Catalunya, near the remote town of Montmeló, about 20 miles from Barcelona. The track is 4,655 km long and has 16 turns, which are driven through 66 times. In addition to hosting the Formula 1 race, the Circuit is a popular test track for Formula 1 and motorcycle teams.
Typical of the route are the long corners, which are driven at high speeds, so the tyres of the cars are severely tested; vehicles with better aerodynamics have an advantage here.

The Circuit de Catalunya is a technically demanding, but fast race course; all cornering speeds - slow, medium, and quick - are required.

Michael Schumacher won his first Formula 1 race for Ferrari here in 1996. With a total of six wins Michael Schumacher has the record number of victories at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Between 1969 and 1975 Formula 1 races were run on the street circuit on the Montjuïc hill, Barcelona. Apart from Formula 1 this is also the home to Moto GP, one of the more important races.

Ticket Prices for the Spanish Grand Prix from 11 - 13 May 2018

We dont charge advance booking fees, only a one-time-booking fee of € 14.90 per booking.

 20 % Discount
10 % Discount 
 1st Presale2nd Presale
Retail Price
(19 to 64 years)

until 29.11.17
until 28.2.18

from 1.3.18
PELOUSE Standing seats€104,00€117,00€130,00
FAN (stands J,B,G,C)€192,00€216,00€240,00
SUPER FAN (A, L, H, M I) €272,00 €306,00€340,00
EXCELLENCE (MAIN, F) €396,00 €445,50 €495,00
Pelouse standing seats SUNDAY €79,20 €89,10 €99,00
Family Ticket Sunday 2 Adults+2 Junior
(12-18 years) (standing seats)
Pack Friends Sunday 2 adults +
2 adults (standing seats)
ONE DAY FRIDAY (N) €44,00 €49,50 €55,00
ONE DAY SATURDAY (N) €80,00 €90,00 €100,00
ONE DAY SUNDAY (N) €160,00 €180,00 €200,00
ONE DAY FRIDAY (E)€44,00€49,50€55,00
ONE DAY SATURDAY (E)€112,00€126,00€140,00
ONE DAY SUNDAY (E)€264,00€297,00€330,00
  • Children from 12-18 years and seniors from 65 years pay only 50% of the prices stated above (ID must be shown on site)
  • Free admission for children under 6 if they do not occupy their own seat
  • Free admission for children under 12 for the standing area

Recommendations for Staying on the Racing Ground

Please note that the race ground is very spacious and with uncovered seats you are exposed to the sun. Sun protection is essential.

You should bring the following:

  • Hat / cap
  • Sunscreen with a high sun protection factor
  • Sun glasses
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Ear plugs

Come early on the event days: in the morning, in addition to the Formula 1 events, there will be other races of other racing formulas.
Leave plenty of time to go after the last event. You can still eat and drink in peace. That way you can skip the traffic.

Stands and Arrival

Overview of the Grandstands at the Circuit de Catalunya

Overview of the Grandstands at the Circuit de Catalunya

Here we describe the 13 grandstands and show them on the map of the Formula 1 stadium. You can then decide which place you want to book. We also provide parking recommendations for the individual grandstands.

More information...

Travelling to the Circuit de Catalunya from Barcelona

Travelling to the Circuit de Catalunya

Essentially, there are three ways to get to the race track at Montmeló: by train, by bus and by car or mobile home.
Here we describe the route with maps from Barcelona and Girona.

More information...

Book Tickets for the Formula 1

Book the tickets for the Grand Prix of Spain Formula 1 (11th-12th-13th May 2018).
Prices include VAT, we charge no booking fee, plus one-time € 14.90 for handling.
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Tour of the Racetrack

The racetrack can be visited daily, except on race and training days. The tour lasts about 1-1.25 hours and includes the most important places in a Formula 1 race: the briefing room, the winner's gallery, the press room, the TV room, the VIP zone, the boxes and the paddock.

Prices and Times of Tour

  • Adults: 10 €
  • Children from 5-14 years: 5 €
  • Children under 5 years: free admission
  • With the Barcelona Card you can attend the guided tour for free
  • Times: every day (except on race and training days) at 10:00 and 12:00
  • Limited seats, reservation recommended: +34 935 719 737

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