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Turron - Almond nougat

Very sweet, but very delicious! Turron exists in different variations. The almond nougat is in Barcelona and to be had all over the place.


  • 650 gram unpeeled almonds
  • 400 gram of powdered sugar
  • 100 gram of liquid honey
  • 3 proteins (stiffly beaten)


Give the almonds about 2-3 minutes in boiling water and take out. Remove the skin and place the almonds to dry on kitchen paper.

In a dry pan or in an oven about 200 degrees, roast the almond golden.
Put the most beautiful 20-30 almonds aside.
Now for the grind roasted almonds. Traditionally, these are crushed with a mortar.
Place honey in warm water bath so that it is liquid. Mix the sugar, honey and whole almonds to bring out the ground almonds and stir well. Stir the three proteins into  the mass.
The mass then put at finger width into boiled paper or between two platen.
Leave to dry in a cool place (not a refrigerator) for about 10 days.

Tips and variations

According to the liking the almonds can be replaced by hazelnuts. Also a brandy or candied fruits can be added to the mass.
A softer version you get, when one adds oil.