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Passenger ferry and car ferry to Mallorca and other destinations in the Mediterranean

Book a spot on the ferry from Barcelona to the most important destinations in the Mediterranean such as Palma de Mallorca, Tanger, Ibiza and many other harbours - both passenger ferry and car ferry.

You can book ferry service and ocean carriers from harbours in Europe and recall the prices and availability online.

The ferry harbour in Barcelona is located right in front of the Old Town district and is really easy to find. Here you can find directions to the ferry harbour.

Booking is really easy

Simply enter the number of people that you would like to book for on the right. In the next step you have the choice between recliming seats, inside or outside cabins or a luxury cabin. You won't travel any more comfortable. Please have the measurements of your car ready.

If you haven't decided which date you would like to use the ferry, you can get an overview of the ferry services by looking at the current schedule.

Please consider: the ocean carriers publish their schedule usually only 2-3 months ahead. The schedule for the summer is viewable and bookable in March/April the earliest.

Indication about pets on the ship: you can book the tickets for pets right away if the ocean carrier allows pets on board. A dog has to be taken on board in a pet carrier, Partially you can walk your dog on deck (with leash or muzzle). You are not allowed to leave pets in the car or take them the cabins.

Book your ferry here

Um eine Fährverbindung zu buchen, geben Sie den Starthafen an und wählen die Route aus. Nach Klick auf "Suche" werden Ihnen die möglichen Fährverbindungen und die Preise angezeigt.

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