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Columbus monument in Barcelona

The 60 m high column was built for the 1888 World Exhibition

The Mirador de Colom with its 60 metre high viewing platform was built in honour of the discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus, and was inaugurated on the occasion of the first World Exhibition in Barcelona in 1888. After his return from America in 1493, Columbus was received by King Ferdinand II in Barcelona and celebrated for the discovery of the New World.

Tickets for the Monument de Colom

You can book tickets for the admission and the visit of the platform here. The admission and if you want a wine tasting in the basement of the monument is included.

  • With the Barcelona Card you get a 50% discount on admission and the ride to the platform.

The bronze statue of Columbus

The Mirador de Colom, as the complete work is called, is situated on the Plaça del Portal de la Pau at the southern end of the Rambla. At the top of column is the actual monument in honour of the discoverer; a bronze statue of Columbus who is pointing towards Mallorca, the direction of his departure. In his left hand he is holding a map of his route.

The viewing platform

Although there are higher viewpoints than the 60 metre high viewing platform directly below the Monument de Colom, you can still enjoy a wonderful view of the city and the adjacent areas, such as the Port Vell, the ferry port, the Montjuic and the sea. Especially if you are only in Barcelona for a short while, the monument offers a beautiful view without having to go a long way.

  • View to the north: Here you can see the Gothic Quarter with its historical buildings, the cathedral and the church of Santa Maria del Mar and the famous Ramblas.
  • View to the west: In the distance, behind the modernised district of Eixample and Gràcia, you can see the Montserolla-Masiv, the green lungs of the city and the Tibidabo amusement park.
  • View to the south: This is where the prominent hill in front of the city is, the Montjuïc with the Castell which you can see.
  • View to the east: You can see the old harbour (Port Vell), the beaches of Barcelona if you follow the coastline and the view stretches to the city limit which is marked with a new landmark of the city – the huge photovoltaic plant.

The column

The viewing platform is supported by a Corinthian style cast iron column. This houses the lift to the viewing platform. At the upper end of the column there are four bronze statues as allegories of the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

The four sculpture groups at the base of the Columbus monument

On the stone base of the monument there are four groups of figures, which represent famous Catalan personalities who are connected with Columbus’ journey of discovery and the conquest of America: Lluís de Santangel, Jaime Ferrer de Blanes, Captain Pere de Margarit and Father Bernat de Boïl.

The base is octagon-shaped. In addition to the four groups of figures there are four sculptures as an allegory of the kingdoms of Catalonia, Aragon, Leon and Castile.

The base reliefs

There are several reliefs on the lower part of the base which show scenes from Columbus’ life: Columbus, who is explaining the project to Father Juan Perez, in the court of the Catholic Monarchs in Cordoba, the kings who are announcing their support, Columbus setting the sail, Columbus disembarking on 12 October 1492 on the island of Guanahani and Columbus being received by the king after his first trip.

Inauguration and re-opening of the tower

The Columbus monument was inaugurated on the occasion of the World Exhibition on 1 June 1888.
After a major renovation it was re-opened to the public in June 2013.

The wine cellar

There is a wine cellar in the basement of the monument. What makes this wine shop so interesting is the selection of wines and cavas which are exclusively from wine region D.O. Catalunya. You will also receive expert advice there. A glass of wine and a tapa is also included when booking the tickets incl. wine-tasting. Of course they want to tempt you into buying a bottle of wine or cava. But wine lovers won’t regret this.

Christopher Columbus

The discoverer of America was probably born in 1451 in Genoa. America had already been trodden for the first time by Icelanders 500 years earlier, but he has still gone down in history as the discoverer of the continent. His travels started a permanent colonisation and occupation of the continent – but also suppression and destruction of the natives and stealing of their resources.

His journey was originally commissioned to find a sea route from Europe to Asia. He himself thought that he had landed in India. On 12 October 1492 Columbus landed on a Bahamas island. Today, this date is a public holiday in Spain, but for the inhabitants of South America it is more a day which marks the beginning of the genocide of ancient cultures which were thousands of years old.

Important information

Plaça del Portal de la Pau

Metro: Drassanes (L3)
Bus Turístic: Colom - Museu Marítim

Opening times
Daily: 8.30-20.30
Closed on 1 and 6 Jan., 25 and 26 Dec.

Tickets and wine tasting: €8.00
Regular: €6.00
Children 4-12 yrs: €4.00
Seniors (from 65 years): €4.00
Barcelona Card: 50% discount to the monument

Information for wheelchair users to visit the Columbus Monument

You can drive into the monument from the Rambla side. For the lift and the observation deck, special wheelchairs are available.

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