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Palacio del Flamenco - elaborate show and highclass dinner

In the Palacio del Flamenco you can experience an elaborate stage show with highclass Flamenco dancers, musicians and singers. The actors on the stage show the fine art of the flamenco dance: the interplay of feelings, the actors' discussion among each other. Dinner is served in the glamorous atmosphere of the venerable theatre.

  • Depending on the product a drink or the booked dinner
  • Flamenco show about 60 minutes
  • VIP Area (optional): elevated area at the edge of the auditorium with better visibility and more space

The Palacio del Flamenco offers three shows a day:

  • Flamenco y Olé 18:00 to 19:25
  • Flamenco Bajanó 20:00 to 21:20
  • Flamenco Pasión 22:00 to 23:40

The food will be served before the approximately 60-minute show.

The non-dinner "Drink & Show" events begin later (18:25, 20:15 and 22:30).

Please arrive at Palacio del Flamenco about 10 minutes before the beginning of the event.

  • Booking is really easy: enter the desired show and the number of people, that you would like to book for on the right side, select the date and click on "Add to cart".
  • Immediately after booking you will receive an e-mail confirming that we received your booking.
  • Within 48 hours you will receive a binding booking confirmation.
  • Free cancellation up to 48 hours before the event. NO cancellation or handling fees. You will receive a full refund.
  • In case of a later cancellation or no show of the booked event a refund won't be possible.
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The Palacio del Flamenco is located in a venerable theatre from 1920. Show dance of a high level is presented, the dancers show the fine art of the Flamenco, accompanied by live musicians and singers.
Different aspects of the flamenco are presented, slow and fast, but always expressional.
You can book dinner with the show, the food is really delicious and is served by observant waiters.

Flamenco Show at Palacio del Flamenco

Menus of Flamenco-Shows

You can book a dinner with the show, the food is delicious and is served by really observant waiters.

  • Drink & Show: 1 glass of sangria or 1 glass of soft drink
  • Fruit Salad & Show: Fruit Salad & 1 Glass of Cava
  • Special Offer & Show: Traditional paella, salad, seafood, profiteroles with chocolate, sangria or rioja red wine, water.
  • Vegetarian Menu & Show: Salad Variations, Vegetarian Paella, Profiteroles with Chocolate, Sangria or Rijoa Red Wine & Water.
  • Salmon Menu & Show: Salmon with vegetables, mushroom and salad, dessert: Profiteroles with chocolate, sangria or Rioja red wine.
  • Tapas Menu & Show: Tortilla, Deep Fried Cuttlefish, Deep Fried Gambas, Salmon with Lime Sauce, Chicken with French Fries, Sirloin Steak, Dessert: Profiteroles with Chocolate, Sangria or Rioja Red Wine, Water.
  • Menu Children & Show (2 - 12 years): spaghetti, chicken, french fries and a cold drink.
  • Show Children (2 - 12 years): 1 soft drink

How to get to the Palacio del Flamenco

The Palacio del Flamenco is located in Eixample in the c/ Balmes, 139 and its within easy reach with public transportation and by foot. You will get detailed directions with your booking confirmation.

Why Book the Show at Palacio del Flamenco

At Palacio del Flamenco, up to 14 artists will show you different aspects of flamenco. In the foreground is the show, but the flamenco is very expressive and shows the impressive skills of the dancers. Together with the dinner, which is served by very attentive waiters in an upscale atmosphere, the flamenco show is a very nice evening entertainment.

Book your Tickets for the Palacio del Flamenco Show here

  • Show with Dinner or drink
  • Quick confirmation of your booking (within 12 hours)
Please indicate the date of your flamenco show and the number of people.
Menues & Show (adults 13+) Desired quantity
Drink & Flamenco Show 35.00€
Fruit salad & Flamenco Show 45.00€
Special Offer & Flamenco Show 50.00€
Vegetarian Menu & Flamenco Show 50.00€
Salmon Menu & Flamenco Show 60.00€
Tapas Menu & Flamenco Show 65.00€
Menues & Show (children up to 12 years)
Menue & Flamenco Show 22.00€
Soft drink & Flamenco Show 12.00€
Menues & Show + VIP Area (adults 13+)
Drink & Flamenco Show + VIP Area 65.00€
Fruit salad & Flamenco Show + VIP Area 75.00€
Special Offer & Flamenco Show + VIP Area 80.00€
Vegetarian Menue & Flamenco Show + VIP Area 80.00€
Salmon Menue & Flamenco Show + VIP Area 90.00€
Tapas Menue & Flamenco Show + VIP Area 95.00€
Menue & Show + VIP Area (children up to 12 years)
Menue & Flamenco Show + VIP Area 52.00€
Soft Drink & Flamenco Show + VIP Area 42.00€

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